Review : Is it a scam or legit?

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[Total: 1 Average: 5] is a new online store that has been advertising items for sale probably on Facebook and other platforms. From the currency they are using to charge their items which is rupees it is no doubt that the site is targeting Indian traffic. I’m sure you must have come across this online store and don’t really believe the prices they are charging otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Well in this Review we are going to be answering the questions of whether they are a fake site or genuine. As you shall see and already suspect this online store is a scam and below are some of the proof and reasons for such a verdict.


Scam signs

India has been a target of many scam sites lately and this is probably because the scammers are mostly from India and a lot of new sites claiming to be selling things and advertising on social media platforms cannot be trusted. We looked up the date of creation for this online store and according to the registry details available on whois Superesmart.comĀ  was created in 2020 November on the 7th. This makes them too new to even trust.

The prices also tell us of a potential attempt to trick people into making payments. These prices are too low to even be real. They are selling items at prices which are as little as 5% of what the item would cost on a legit site. They are also hiding their true identity and this is why they won’t give any phone number or address.




Verdict is no doubt a scam online store. Those who buy from the online store risk making payments and not getting anything from these scammers. The best you could get would be some counterfeit item that is not worth anything close to the amount of money you will have had lost. Don’t get scammed and please share your views in the comments section.

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11 comments on “ Review : Is it a scam or legit?

  1. Manju

    i bought a dinnerset on oct 30th, till now i havent received the item. the shipping charge is very high and the customercare number is not available

      1. Kaniz ali

        It’s a super Chor website I ordered but never got any response really want to address the issue n get my money back. Fb should minister such frauds. Really upset

  2. Hina Gangwar

    I had ordered many items approx Rs 3500 laat week. I keep mailing them to know my order status but no response yet and no where we can track the order.
    Can anyone suggest where can I report this fraud as cyber crime ? Also, that razor pay aite who clears online payment for such fraud online stores.
    Guys, DON’T order anything from this site nad keep report to govt official cyber crime cell ao that they cna be caught by Police.

    1. Aby Mathews

      Dear Friend
      Please contact razorpay immediately thru emal. i go my monies today by complaing to razorpay. My order date was 13th Nov. Any help u need contact me on abytvm(at)gmail

      1. Zaheeda Desai

        Hey!!!! I have ordered with superesmart things worth 2000 Rs. nothing has been received till after so many emails no reply and no confirmation what should I do???? you said razor pay helps please let me know how ????

  3. PPS

    I had ordered many items approx Rs 3000 last week. I keep mailing them to know my order status but no response yet and no where we can track the order.
    Can anyone suggest where can I report this fraud as cyber crime ? .

  4. P.jai sankar

    Nov 24,2020. I ordered and paid 3 items worth RS.650/-. And i am waiting for the order confirmation. But no one reponse. I received a mail the mail address is wrong. I am scare…..
    How I solve my mistake……

  5. Shyamal Bose

    I am a senior citizen and pensioner.
    I have ordered several items on 19/11/20 and paid Rs.1892.95 on line.
    Till now I have’nt received anything or any information.
    Ifailed to contact them ,because their email address is invalid.
    How can I realise my hard earned money?
    Can any one suggest?


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