The JB New year Draw Scam text message

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Have you received an text message claiming to be from one of the JB stores ? Have you seen this message and thought of clicking the link in the message just to find out if you have truly won? Well wrong move but we also understand that you did this out of ignorance and we’d want you to understand more about this scam text message and also share this article with others helping them not fall into the same trap.

About the text message

The JB New Year Draw or the JB hi-fi New Year Draw Scam text is claiming that the recipient of the text message has once bought from one of their shops in 2020 and was entered into a draw and have won a gift . The text then tells you to click on a certain link in the message. Please do not click on the given link, it’ll direct you to a page where you’re requested to give your personal details and financial details for you to pay the delivery fee so that you can get your gift.

The text message

From: +61411947891

Dear [first name]. I’ve called 3 times during the day but you didn’t respond? you wOn the JB-Draw (New Year) – Claim the gift:Óaa

JB hi-fi is however aware of this scam text in their name and have guarantee that they would never ask for your personal or banking details in  such an unsolicited way. Their official website is and any offers or competitions are found there.


Please be sure not to click on the link in the message or share the message with other people. It’s a scam and beware. If you’ve had any encounter with this text message feel free to share with us and others about the experience you had with it. Stay woke.


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