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Didn’t you feel just lucky to have received a text from Coleman Vacation saying you won a FREE vacation? That’s a dream come true for real isn’t it but you must be wondering if it’s true and if you must start packing your bags to go. You did well to first come to this review before going because there are few things you need to know about this text.

About the text message

Theres a text message that was sent by Coleman Vacations saying that the recipient of the message has won free Bahamas Vacation and they claim that you won this trip after filling out a form to enter at Ashland town centre Mall.

Well, according to reviews by previous winner and recipients of this message this vacation isn’t completely free as they say in the text message. They don’t not include other expenses that you’d have to incur. Most say you’re most likely to spent more that $1 500 to cover these expenses so it’s not true that it’s free.

Is it a scam or not?

Well, this is a question a lot of people must be asking. I wouldn’t say it’s actually a scam but it’s a trick to get customers and earn more money money. According to Coleman’s Vacations was created several months back but this free vacation started in December 2020 which means they might have hit rock bottom and have lost customers and this might be a way to recover from their loss.

My advice to you is when you go on this vacation be aware that you are going to have more expenses than you’d expect to have so carry more cash so that you won’t be embarrassed.

If you’ve had any encounter with Coleman Vacations and this text message feel free to leave a comment below telling us about the experience you had with them.

9 comments on “Coleman Vacations text message review

  1. Deonne Thomas

    I just received a text this morning with a copy of my entry form from 954.519.6531. I was instructed to call their office at 561.405.4795, option 7 and listen to the information regarding my Grand Bahamas Island trip. They provided info on 3 hotels I could choose from, 18 months to decide when to go, offering Paradise Cruise Lines’ Grand Classica cruise ship for transport. No passport is needed, the cruise will provide an extra day free in Bahamas. If you would like an extra few days on the cruise that will be an extra 140/person. There is a booking fee of 19/person that is to be paid once a live agent comes on after the recording. I didn’t pay and was told I have 4 days to claim. Oh, the ship leaves from Porta Palm Beach(sp?), FL. I filled my form out at NorthEast Mall in Hurst, TX.

  2. marsha l brown

    i just got a text from them saying i won a trip to the Bahamas for 5 day 4 night free for 2 people i had to call 561-405-4795 in listen to a recording about the trip then she said i will have to pay $19.95 for 2 people today in $69.98 for 2 people. But i can pay 1 today then pay off the other 1 in the next 2 months i did’nt pay anything she said i have 4 business days to let her know. do anyone know anything about this Free Vacation i’m in Louisville Ky. the BBB is’nt taking calls but said leave a message in they will get back with you

  3. Megan

    My best friend and I both received the same text of “Is this your entry card that you filled out at the mall? If so, you got the free Bahamas vacation for two.” I tested the number back questioning how legit it was, and from the replies I got and the research I have done, I don’t believe any of this is “free.” The number said that everyone at the mall won, not just me. Which is sus because we are in Iowa, and these other comments are in different states.

  4. Barry

    I got the same thing, not paying the 2 19$ fees until I see exactly what I’m going to have to pay expenses wise. Very fishy

  5. April

    2 of my friends and I filled out a card in Oklahoma City & 2 of us got a text back but the third didn’t. And when I texted the lady back, she said that everyone who filled out a card won the trip… ?


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