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Hey everyone and welcome to the review of the email address and the sites that are related to this email address. I’m sure you may have also come across a site that is using this email address. The site is then most probably a scam as the email address is being used by scammers.

The people that come across a site that is usingĀ  the email address are asked to report the site so we can look into them and warn othersĀ  regarding this scam as they are hundreds of then that are stealing from people . Some of the scam signs that will help you realise that the site is a scam are given below so if you have a site you think is a scam the information might just help you be sure but to be safe don’t buy from any site that is linked to this email address.


Scam signs

The first red flag which is common on these scam sites is the use of prices which are too good to be true to attract customers attention. If you come across a site selling items at these prcies you should suspect they are a scam.

The scammers also use domain names which are too new to trust. You can check them at if they are a .com site to see when the site was created.

They also won’t provide legit contact details except for this email which they may use to send you fake tracking codes or they won’t even provide any other contact details.



Do not button these online stores. There are many other sca. Signs that you may see on the site and so long the site is using the email address it is safer to assume they are a scam. If you come across such sites please report them here and also leave a comment on what you think about this email address.

Good luck

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