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Cyber Theft is one online store that claims to be selling Lysol disinfects. In the review we have just done now now and another one we did yesterday we were also looking at sites similar to this one in every way and it looks like the number of these sites has been growing lately. Lysol sites, as you shall see in this online store these online stores are not safe to buy from and are risky. So if you come across any such site or any other site you think is not trustworthy please report them here so we can look into them.  And for all those who have questions such as what is, is it a scam, legit, fraud and the like below are some of the scam signs or red flags we thought might be helpful.  

Scam signs

The site as you may have had already noticed is charging prices which are too good to be true. Same as the other scam sites that are selling these. We also believe thatbthey site is owned by the same scammers as the other sites that are also selling these Lysol items such as The site doesn’t have any contact details on their site to avoid getting tracked. They haven’t even provided even an email address or a phone number to call. As for the date the site was created the site is still too new to be trusted. They are using a domain name that was created on the 12th of July 2020.





It is not a concidence that there are a bunch of sites that are using the same brand as their items and they are all starting to emerge at the same time and looking exactly the same and all charging prices like the ones on If you have been scammed or have more questions regarding what is or have a scam to report please leave a comment below. Good luck

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