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Knowing that people can no longer differentiate between legit online stores and scam online stores scammers now have it easy and if you’re not careful you’ll get played. Looking for an online store is very easy, entering you account details is very easy especially if you found cheaper goods but the hardest part comes when you find out that you’ve been scammed and still don’t know what you’d have done differently or noticed for you to avoid this.

This review is to point out scam signs on that you didn’t notice and help you check them next time before you give out your details to these online stores.

Evidence proving that it’s scam.

With black Friday deals that had people rushing into entering their account details on every online store that had cheaper prices it’s possible that customers could have been tricked. Most of the prices you notice on this that sells a variety of things that include kids toy’s,kitchen appliances,clothes,car spare parts etc are too good to be true even for black Friday. this is a very evident scam sign.

A number of online stores have been opened during the month of November is one of them. You cannot trust a store that has just opened. You don’t know how they operate and haven’t had any experience in selling online.

Scammers make sure you would never find them , they do this by hiding their contact details or they put fake contact details. didn’t enter any contact information. This makes it harder for you know who exactly you’re dealing with. It’s obviously a scam sign.

Verdict. is a scam which we have clearly exposed. If you’ve had any experience with this online store please do let us know by leaving a comment below. Stay woke!



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  1. mike banks

    Ordered a coolbot unit from them never received. And cant get a hold of them . called my credit card company and cancelled


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