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With Christmas and New year around the corner people are busy looking for affordable deals online, this is also a perfect time for scammers to come with appealing deals that can lure people into buying their items online but sadly most orders don’t make it to their customers doorsteps.

We’ve had so many alarming questions and complains about this online store that is selling shores and this made us realise that people are missing out on scam signs that we’d want to point to you in this review.

Scam signs you’ve been missing. is an online store that opened in August this year and you definitely can not trust an online store that was recently opened when you’ve other online stores that have been running for years and has excellent reviews but can still turn one day and be a scam.

With the 60% off which are being said to be Christmas and New year’s deals in advance proves that it’s a scam. The prices are way lower than 60% off and these prices are too good to be true. This is another way scammers will use just to have enter you account details and have your money be deducted and no deliveries will be made to your doorstep.

If you visit the website you will figure out that they didn’t put their contact details, you would rather you give them your email address and they contact you instead of you reaching out to them. This is the way that most scammer use just to cover their tracks and have noone trace them.


With black Friday deals still on the table and Christmas deals coming up it’s very likely that most people will prey to these scams all in the name of “offers”. If you’ve had any experience with this online store please feel free to leave a comment below. Stay woke!

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