Wyze Handheld Vacuum Review

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The latest trending product in USA is the Wyze Handheld vacuum cleaner. Alot of people have been asking about it and if it really does what it’s description says it does. The Wyze brand has been to known to make good quality items and this vaccum cleaner is no different.

About the vacuum cleaner

According to the website this vaccum cleaner is going for $59.99 each. It’s black in colour. Very portable and light in weight. It has a suction power of up to 16000A and maintains this peak suction throughout the course of your cleaning without losing even an ounce of power.

It is fitted with a new generation A-force brushless digital motor, the vaccum can effortlessly reach uo to 100 000RPM without carbon brush loss.

It is said to penetrate multiple layers for deep effective cleaning. The filter is a stainless steel the attachments can clean every nook and cranny. It has a flat nozzle, extension node, brush tool, crevice tool etc. It can clean every corner of the house. It’s a very efficient tool in the house.


This Wyze Handheld vacuum cleaner is very legit and this has been confirmed the multiple positive reports that have been made by the true customers. So far noone who has complained about this tool. You can go ahead and purchase it without fear it will not disappoint you . If you have bought this handheld vacuum cleaner from Wyze shop and you know how it truly works feel free to leave a comment below telling us more about this vacuum cleaner. Your review can eliminate fear from someone’s head and it can help them have a better idea of how it works, it’s limitations and strengths. If you’ve also had some problems with it please do let us know the problems you faced and how you handled them.

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