What is Zandov.com : Scam or legit?

What is Zandov.com

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of what is Zandov.com. In this review we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this jewellery online store and work on finding out whether they are a genuine site or just another scam trying of rip off people’s money. I’m sure you came across the site through some ads and this is how thry have gained popularity. If you asking whether they are recommended or not. No, they are not recommended and are an untrustworthy online store. There are quite a number of scam signs that we have managed to identify and these may help you make your decision wisely. So if you have such questions as what is Zandov.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, genuine, a good or a bad online store selling jewellery then this review  will be an eye opener.


The truth about Zandov.com

Zandov.com is a new site that was create end of 2019. Although not much has been said about it this is probably because no one knew anything about it until recently when they started to advertise their items. Like many other new fake sites the site is using Facebook and Instagram to advertise their items and this does not make them legit but rather makes them suspicious.

All scam sites that are online stores have been using this strategy to steal from people by simply placing ads on Facebook and hence getting people’s trust. They are not the only site doing it, they are thousands of them and they don’t stay online for long. Once they get a few people to buy and reasonable money they terminate the site and create a new one thus they are not registered for long. More than 80% of these advertising sites according to our stats from the thousands we have come across are scam sites, do not trust them or buy from them. Below are some of the scam signs we managed to identify.


Scam signs

Zandov.com is a new online store. One thing you should never do is buy from a new site and according to whois this site was created on the 10th of December in 2019. They also have been registered for short term as their registration expires in a month’s time.  No one knows who is the owner of the site as they have not provided such details on theor who is registration page. Have you ever tried to contact them. It is no surprise that the number does not work as all scammers never provide a functional phone number to avoid getting tracked.





It is not recommended to buy from Zandov.com. If you have already made a payment just wait and see you might just be lucky. Those who buy from the site risk losing their money and getting nothing and at times you may get a counterfeit item. Hopefully no one gets scammed and if you have been scammed by the site please leave a comment and also those with questions regrading what is Zandov.com.

Good luck


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Have you been scammed or have lost your money to some fraudulent online store? If the answer is yes, there is still hope and you can still get your money back also depending with how you made your payment and your bank. If you used PayPal you can set a dispute against the site and once they have confirmed and found out that you have been scammed or received what was not worth it arangenents can be made to cancel the transaction. If you made a payment directly from your credit card, visit the bank or your credit card company they will help you cancel the transaction.



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