What is Yeesone.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Yeesone.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of what is Yeesone.com. Here we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of the site as to whether the site is a good online store to buy from or not and if you can really count on the quality of items you will receive. Have you come across the site’s ads on some Facebook platform or instagram or application or maybe you have already bought from the site and haven’t received your order till now. The site is not a trusted online store and cannot be labeled as a good online store to buy from as there are a number of complaints from those who have bought from the site. If you have also bought from the site band have a complaint please leave a complaint in the comments section. If you have such questions as what is Yeesone.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, good or bad online store to buy shoes from then this might be of some help.


What others are saying about this site.

Yeesone.com is a relatively new online store and has been getting a lot of people wondering what the site really is and if they are legit. They have been advertising their products and looks like a lot of people do not really trust the site. Anyways those who have bought from the site have complained over the length of time they have waited for their ordersĀ  and still haven’t received them.

Could it be just a matter of time, surely it is common for orders to arrive 2 or 3 or 4 weeks after purchase depending with your location. Another cause of concern has been about the quality of the shoes that some have received, it is not as some people may have really really excepted but does kind of look like it. Some have complained about the customer care service and them not being able to send back the items they receive. Most complaints are late delivery complaints and no one knows if this is really just late delivery or no delivery at all.


Red flag signs

The site also has some red flags signs that may help you realise whether or not you can trust them. The site has no phone number to call and of course the emails may be late replied or not replied at all. The site on theĀ  bottom of the page claims they are from 2017 but according to a whois the site was created in February 2019 making it too new to be trusted. No one also knows who the owner of the site is. The price cuts that are being charged are clearly not realistic and may mean the shoe is a fake one.





If I were you and expecting legit shoes and on time delivery I wouldn’t buy from the site. Chances of receiving nothing are also in view and you may find yourself trying to get back your money after receiving something you don’t want. Not to be qgainst the site but so far people don’t look happy against the site. Can you trust them. If you have had some experience with the site or have questions on what is Yeesone.com please make sure you leave a comment in the comments section and help us expose the site.

Good luck

1 comment on “What is Yeesone.com : Scam or legit?

  1. Valeria De Azcoitia

    I am happy to find this site.
    I bought shoes from Yeesone and I received them after 3 months. I sent a email after a month or so and I received a very nice and fast reply saying that they were overwhelmed with the production, to please, be patient.
    I waited and my shoes finally arrived. They are too small and the quality is too poor for me to want to keep them.
    I sent an email back to ask for the address to ship them back and get my total refund, as clearly stated in their website. Again, I have been receiving different replies to my many emails, always nice and fast, but offering me 6$ gift card to keep the shoes, then 10$, then 15$ … and so on, NEVER giving me the option to send the shoes back as they never sent me any shipping address. They claim it will be very expensive for me, it will take long for me, to please keep them, bla, bla. I am truly upset as I very rarely buy on internet and this is discouraging and frustrating. I try to threaten them saying that I am going to look for legal support but the truth is that there is nothing I can do, right. Please, can you tell me how to get my refund back? Thanks at least for the opportunity to express this and to read about previous experiences from others. I wished I had read this before!
    Kind regards,


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