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What is vnruwpi.myshopify.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of vnruwpi.myshopify.com. Here is a site that is evidently new and has quite a name that shows they have not even dedicated themself to buy a real domain name and in this review we are going to be assessing their legitimacy to help all those who may be wondering whether they are a legit online store or just another fake site advertising fake and stuff that don’t even exist in their store. Well the site is a fake online store as you shall see in this review. We are all about assessing the legitimacy of a site that has just appeared. I’m sure you saw ads from this site and this is why you are asking questions. If you have such questions as what is vnruwpi.myshopify.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, honest, good or a bad online store then this review might just be of some help.


The truth about What is vnruwpi.myshopify.com

So here we have a site with a name that means absolutely nothing and they really expect anyone to buy from them. I’m not saying it is a bad thing or that every site must have a sensible name but vnruwpi seriously? Clearly they are not in the for the long run and they are not serious about their business at all. If you were to build a company you would make sure to choose a real good name. Anyways let me tell you about these scam sites and how they are scamming people, trust me we have a lot of them on record and many scam reports against such.

Vnruwpi.myshopify.com is one of a large number of sites that are advertising their items on facebook and also on Instagram and claiming that they are selling items for real cheap prices. In this case we have some electric scooters and out door sheds and tends and barbecue cabinets. This is a combination of past trending items that were used to try and scam people in the past few months. You will find out that all these items are being sold for way way less than what they really cost and this is a trap to make peopleĀ  buy as all want to get good things for cheap prices. Below are some of the scam signs on the site.


Scam signs

Now let’s start with one we ha e already mentioned and is no doubt the best scam sign even better than what anyone else can say. How do you explain a 700$ item being sold for about 100$? Is it charity? Not at all, its cruelty as they won’t send you the item. One things is for sure, vnruwpi.myshopify.com is a very new online store probably has been created just a few days before this review and they don’t intend to stay for long. One thing you should never do is trust a new online store, these always come out to be bad stores after they run away with people’s money. The owner of the site is unknown and the number they have provided is fake to avoid being tracked.





Were you planning on buying from vnruwpi.myshopify.com? Well if i were you I would not because the site is not a trusted online store and has just about 1% trust score. Those who buy from the site will risk having their credit card over charged, receiving fake and counterfeit items and also they may receive nothing in the most of cases. If you have more questions on what is vnruwpi.myshopify.com or have been scammed by them please leave a comment below.

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