What is Tophats.farm : Scam or legit?

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What is Tophats.farm

Hello and welcome to my review of Tophats.farm. If you have been trying to figure out some things about Tophats.farm and wanted to know whether you should invest In this site or not this review will be of some help to you. You will find answers to questions like what is Tophats.farm, is Tophats.farm a scam, legit trustworthy, genuine, paying, real, fake, honest, fraudulent, good or bad investment site. If you have such questions this review will be more then just that, but also be an opportunity cost advice and help you discover better ways to invest your money online.

What is Tophats.farm? Is it a scam?

Tophats.farm is a new High yielding investment program that was launched at the end of 2018. Frankly the site is still too new to be trusted. Investing in such a program would be quite a risk considering that more than 95% of these sites are scams. However apart from the fact that the site is not really trustworthy, is the site worth the risk? As you shall find out in this review is what is Tophats.farm the site is not worth the risk. I mean, why invest in a site that is still new and offers very little investment returns whilst there are time tested sites that are offering better returns.


Let’s take a look at the plans

I like the fact that the site doesn’t really offer unrealistic returns that will get people’s hopes too high. 2.5% in 60 days is quite a realistic plan according to my statistics of the legit and paying sites that have been in existence. However this does not really mean that the site can make that money, who knows whether this is real business or just another ponzi scheme ( whereby old investors are paid back the money they invest using the cash or funds from new investors).

No doubt that Tophats.farm has plans that can accommodate the ponzi scheme and who cares whether it is a ponzi scheme or not, all we care about is getting paid and even though the site may later on scam people there are quite good reasons to believe you may be lucky and not get scammed so bad or at least not all of your money will get scammed, just part of it.

Can I get Paid

So yes there are chances of getting paid, but there are also chances of losing your money. If you are lucky you will get paid, scamming a whole lot of people at the start of a site with such a low payment plan would be simply selfishness and ignorance and greediness. Now let’s take a look at whether this is really worth the risk.

Is it worth it?

Like I mentioned earlier on the site has an unknown reputation and to confirm the legitimacy of the site might take at least a year of payment. There are quite a number of sites that have reached the age of trust and have no scam reports, too bad most of these sites pay as little as 0.5% per day and it may take you more than a year to get back at least 150% returns with deposit included and at least 200 days to get back the money you invested only.

These sites are merely a wastage of time and you can get a lot more if you keep that money. Derglobal also pays a lot more than what is offered by most sites. The site has absolutely no scam reports and has been paying since 2017. You can also learn how to build your own income stream at Wealthy Affiliate.


My say

There are a lot of things which we haven’t even taken into consideration such as who owns the site. Investing in a site with an unknown reputation and which takes long to get back returns isn’t the best thing to do. The site is not just too small to entrusted but also is registered for short term. If they had registered for long term it would make it easier for us to believe they are legit as we have some assurance that the site CAN by chance be in existence in the long run.

The admin doesn’t seem to want to be know as at date of post. I don’t know but I think I would go for sites that have admins that are not trying to hide their identity from me. Such hyip sites do exist and you can look up Kirkfelt.com. The site has not only been paying since 2017 but the admins are open enough to show their real identity and this is why they have more investors and are more trusted and invested in and no one ever complains about getting scammed.



Too bad this site isnt open enough to be trusted and the only way to know if the site really exists is through the time test. The returns promised are quite realistic and it Looks good but cannot be concluded on until the site has had some time to prove itself to the risk takers as for me I’m not willing to take the risk and not really motivated by the returns.

Do you think that this site could be legit? Have you had any experience on what is Tophats.farm help us help others. If you have any questions Please leave a comment in the section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Luck

5 comments on “What is Tophats.farm : Scam or legit?

  1. jared clarkson

    do not invest in this site a it is not paying and the admin has tried to lure investors to invest more with promises of release of funds. Do not do it. I’m a certified crypto professional that has helped clients with investment advice, guides to not losing in hyips and recoveries from online site and payment tracking for defunct sites, send me an email at Nixhyiprecoveryservice@ gmailcom for consultations


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