What is Sminbuy.com : Scam or legit

What is sminbuy.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this review of sminbuy.com. In this review we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this online store and help all those who may be wondering whether they are a legit site or a fake site that is only after people’s money. Have you been planning on buying from sminbuy? Well you may want to know that the site is not a trusted online store and by buying from them you will not only put the money you pay at risk but also the money in your credit card. Do not be worried if you have made a purchase this is just some of the things we come across but not all scam sites over charge your credit card and if they do so by now you should be aware of it. If you have more questions such as what is sminbuy.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent a good or bad online store then this may be of some help.


The truth about sminbuy.com

I’m sure the reason why you have decided to look this site up is because you had doubts about it yourself. Lately a lot of people have been having doubts about them as well and you are just one of a large number of people asking if they are legit. This should be a good sign to help keep you away, trust your instincts and on top of that we are also going to show you some of the reasons why the site cannot be trusted.

They have been advertising some different accessories on Facebook and most probably on other platforms such as Instagram and games and different applications. More than 80% of these sites advertising on Facebook have been proven to be scam sites and I’m sure that should give you just a glimpse of all these sites including sminbuy.com are working on. Below we are going to look as some of the scam signs that you may find at sminbuy.com and if you have any suspicious things you may have had noted on the site be sure to add to the list.


Scam signs

Sminbuy.com is a relatively new online store which was created some time earlier in 2019 in the month of April. One thing you should never do is trust a new online store these sites always come out to be bad news and so sminbuy.com is rated as an unsafe site and untrusted site to buy from by rating sites. Another thing is that some of the promotions are too unrealistic such as selling an item for less than 60% of what it really costs. The owner of sminbuy.com is unknown and the site is also hiding identity at whois. Have you tried to contact the site? You will realise that they have no functional phone number and this is the trick used by scammers to prevent being tracked.



The site is not a trusted site and just as much as you don’t trust them a bunch of scam reviewers also agreed the site is not a legit one. Since they have just appeared it may be hard to have people who have had experience with the site to leave reviews but certainly with time some will come up. If you buy from sminbuy and a bunch of other sites that are also advertising on Facebook you may have your credit card over charged , your money may simply be stolen and you won’t get a thing and there are also chances of receiving counterfeits. If you have more questions on what is sminbuy.com or have been scammed please leave a comment below.

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Have you been scammed or have lost your money to some fraudulent online store? If the answer is yes, there is still hope and you can still get your money back also depending with how you made your payment and your bank. If you used PayPal you can set a dispute against the site and once they have confirmed and found out that you have been scammed or received what was not worth it arangenents can be made to cancel the transaction. If you made a payment directly from your credit card, visit the bank or your credit card company they will help you cancel the transaction.



1 comment on “What is Sminbuy.com : Scam or legit

  1. John Harts

    I ordered a Speaker, I few days day before Christmas, and as soon as I made the Purchase, it sent me a Text message, thinking that (hmmm, seems legit!)… well, here we are trying to find the tracking information, with the like that was sent, and it says that the User is not found… I cannot find the Tracking info, after reading the Above statements, I have no choice but to believe that I have been Scammed. Do not purchase anything from that site… I’m just gonna do a Charge back.


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