What is Scarfiv.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Scarfiv.com

Hello good people and welcome to my review of Scarfiv.com a relatively new online store that has lots of things they claim to be selling. Household items, sofas , braai cabinets, sheds and a whole lot of other stuff that is quite costly to buy. Although some of the items are being sold at a cheaper price compared to other stores the cheaper price would be too big if you lose it to a scam. So in this review we are going to be looking at the legitimacy of this online store and assess whether they are risky or to be trusted. As you shall see here we do not recommend to buy from them so if you do so buy at own risk as the site is not trustworthy. If you have more questions such as what is Scarfiv.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad online store then then let’s get started.  

The truth about what is Scarfiv.com

Scarfiv.com is not as new as many other sites we would review but they have just been brought to use recently as they seemed to have had been laying low since the day of creation. I’m sure you have come across the site through some ads that they have on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and thry did have something about them which was quite attractive or they wouldn’t be  having so many people asking questions about whether they are legit or not. Just for a little background and heads up it is important to know that these sites advertising and new are not to be trusted at all. They are a whole lot of them and in just about a month they have been on the rise again and definitely want to make sure they can use the self isolation period where people are mostly on the net to get people buy from them and then the disappear with their money. These sites have been there and once they get less popular because of the scam reports they dump the domain name and create a new one. Below are some of the scam signs from the site which are also common on hundreds and hundreds of other scam sites which are there and which have been and will be there.  

Scam signs

First thing i realised about the site is that they are charging quite cheap prices for some items. Like selling a sofa which costs 200 bucks on the real market for 69 bucks. That is quite too good and unrealistic to be true. The site also has a twin site which goes by the name Are Zsrsome.store which is exactly like it. This is another scam sign as scammers want to avoid putting all eggs in the same basket just in case the first one fails they then use the second site. They do not have any phone number provided to avoid getting tracked. Scammers never give a real phone number. The owner of the site is not known.   What others have said about the site Those who have bought from the site have also reported the site as an untrustworthy online store that should be avoided. They all claim that they placed orders from the site and once they made a payment they never got a confirmation email of their purchase which is very odd. So once they try to follow up with their order you get notified that you need to login into your account which you do not have. So you create an account which they don’t even ask you to set a password for. When you try to login they ask you for the password they never asked you or made you set which you don’t have and if you try to click the link to reset you still never get an email to help you reset the password which you never had. Of course none of the people complaining habe received their items too and most people claim they ordered the dumbbells.  




If you have been planning on buying from this online store because of the prices or whatever they have presented to you we do not encourage to buy from them. Those who buy from the site risk having  their credit card details stolen and they may also receive counterfeit items if they receive any thing at all afyer making payment. If you have been scammed or have more questions on what is Scarfiv.com please do leave a comment below. Good luck

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9 comments on “What is Scarfiv.com : Scam or legit?

  1. Michel

    I tend to be very wary of these types of sites and steer clear as I have been burnt in the past. I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been for a number of years now, and since I have been a member here, there is no need for any outside programs as everything I need to make money online is within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

    Thanks for the warning as it is always good to expose scams, especially for people new to making money online.

  2. Ashley

    Thank you so much for this valuable warning.  I am so annoyed with these scam sites.  I have also noticed them pooping up rapidly since the global lockdowns began. People seriously need to get a life!!! It is ridiculous.  Why can they not try to make an honest living like the rest of us and sell legit prices!  Dropshipping is a thing scammers!! Stop trying to make an easy buck!! okay enough of my ranting.

    What do you suggest people do if they have been scammed by one of these sites? Are there are repercussions to the business if we report them?  Is anyone actually looking into these sites and shutting them down or is it all put on the shoulders of wonderful people like yourself who take the time to notify the public of these scummy scammers?  

    Thanks again!

    1. Donny Post author

      You’re welcome Ashley. These sites can be reported to the hosting websites and be shut down in time but usually they shut on their own.

  3. mahadihassan1

    Thank you very much for publishing such an excellent article. The article is extremely important to me because I have got some product from this article. when I’ve gone through your article by the time, I also search on Google your website. I found your website is an affiliate marketing website and I need some products for my house and I got all the products there and I bought those products.

    how we will share this article with my friends if they need anything for their home and personal life, they can buy from site.

  4. Dave

    Hey, great read!  There are so many scans online today that i find its even harder to stay away from them.  Some time ago i signed up to a site in which it was asking for a monthly fee for their products but the first month was free!  Upon receiving the product, i was not happy with the results it guaranteed and attempted to cancel my subscription.  Unfortunately for me, this end of the “agreement” was never implemented.  There was absolutely no way given to cancel the order but to change my banking information.  Definitely be careful out there, as more users go online, the potential for scams are only multiplying. 

  5. Yongli

    oh gosh, good that you sharing your experience in your post, it should be shared around so that people don’t get con and cheated by buying fake or not genuine stuff from this website. It would be good if you can have some other recommendations where we can get our cheap and good quality furniture. Good info thanks will let my friends know too.

  6. Courtney

    I will be sure to avoid scarfix and zsrsome. I basically go by the adage “If I don’t recognize the name, I wont buy.” It’s much too easy to open an online store and steal people’s credit card information. I basically ignored Amazon until it had so many customers that I felt comfortable enough storing my credit card in their system. The bigger they are the better the reputation has to be…At least that is what I’d like to believe. Thanks for the invaluable information you have provided.



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