What is Rollychic.com : Is it a scam?

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What is Rollychic.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this review of Rollychic.com. Here we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this online store to find out whether they are a legit site or an untrustworthy site that has been getting access to a lot of people and one that should not be bought from. From the stats we have received the site has been getting lots of traffic and this may be because they are advertising their products on facebook. The site is not to be trusted and those who are going to buy from the site may want to be sure that they can really trust the site. So if you have such questions such as what is Rollychic.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad online store then this review might be of some help as we take a look at some of the most important things to consider.


What others are saying about what is Rollychic.com

According to the information at whois the site is not really a new online store as it was created in December 2018. This leads to great wonder on why no one has had to say anything about the site until now when it has been online for quite some time now. Of course scams don’t get to be online for long without having complaints against them starting to emerge. However it looks as if the site has just started advertising recently and hence the whole lot of traffic.

Facebook’s ads? Facebook ads are currently the most untrusted online stores that you may to buy from. With the unrealistic prices that are being charged by the site and the level of hiding identity the site is highly risky to buy from and in a way too new to  be trusted as you shall see in this review. More than 90% of facebook ads and most instagram ads are from scammers and not to be trusted when accompanied with the following scam signs.


Scam signs

Rollychic.com is selling almost all of their goods at a promotional pricing strategy which is too unrealistic as they are pricing almost all products at less than 50% of what they really cost or this is because you will be getting fake shoes or clothing. Apart from that the site also has some fake review stars on their site, they claim to have reviews but don’t and neither can you leave a review. They don’t have a contact number to call and you cannot rely on the email address of course they never get replied. The site has also been reported at online threats alert. The owner of the site and related details have been hidden at whois even though it is mandatory to have this information.





The site cannot be trusted. If you buy from them they are chances of having your credit card over charged or receiving nothing after making payment or receiving counterfeit items and fake products that don’t match the amount of money you will have had paid. If you have had some experience with the site or have views or questions regarding what is Rollychic.com please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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29 comments on “What is Rollychic.com : Is it a scam?

  1. Penny Semon

    Wotoba honestystar this place and countless others are all advertising the same products same pic no phone number no reply there all over fb Instagram when you need an xtra life on a game you are playing there they are again . Pay pal let me know after the fact .smh

      1. Kathy

        I called my Credit card company and had had the payment stopped This is a scam do not fall for it no phone number no address no way to contact them

      2. brendabuzzell

        Yup.. been waiting for a month for a pair of the pink boots as well. No answers back from the company. I will be canceling with Psypal today

    1. Monica Corson

      I’m so glad I checked this site out I have the exact same boots as they are advertising except I bought them from a shoe store in Canada for almost $200.00 the only truth about this site is these boots are awesome they are actually made by a company in Germany they are Reikers

    2. Jessica

      I ordered from this site, as well, at the beginning of the month. Shortly after, I contacted this rolly chic site and got a very kind email stating, “Do to high volume, your order will be delayed. Please wait patiently. That’s when I called PP and opened a claim. Just received my refund today. Thank God I used PP

  2. CW

    I noticed Rollychic.com uses Shopify to run their online sales. I’ve had trouble with them in the past for a product that was advertised on Facebook. It was a cheap piece of wood that I paid $30 for. I had to go through PayPal to finally get my money back and found out the company was in China. So anyone that uses Shopify to sell their products, I say BEWARE!!!

  3. Heather Haimila

    I just purchased a pair of boots from this site and I have not received a notification of shipment I think I was scammed this should be reported to facebook.

    1. Kathy

      Call your credit card and have the payment reversed from PayPal it is a scam there is no way to get in contact with them there’s no phone number no address and when you try to apply to the email It will not go through there’s a bogus side

    1. Kathy

      PayPal will reverse your money back in to your account if you call your car and they will have PayPal reverse the money back to you

  4. Heather

    I purchased boots on Tuesday only to realize I have been scammed I sent them a email to cancel the order with no response I believe I was overcharged why is Facebook book permitting these companies to sell on Facebook. Help

    1. Kathy

      PayPal will reverse your money back to you just call your credit card or debit card and they will reverse the money back to you it happened to me

  5. Cecile Lowell

    I just ordered a pair of boots from rolly chic and still haven’t heard anything on when they will be shipped. I emailed them 4 times still haven’t heard anything back by them

  6. Mylène

    It’s the same thing for me. I ordered boots, Shoes and sandals. I received an email To confirmed that it will be longer to receive the stuff. The mail was strange with asian letters.

  7. Charise B.

    I just came off the website a moment ago. When I typed in “rollychic.com” and it popped up as “jollychic.com.” If it was a real site the URL wouldn’t have changed. What a bummer.

  8. Adrienne Calhoun

    My sister and I bought the boots and still have not received them! It’s been over a month and I’ve emailed three times for a refund. I don’t understand how FB allows these sites to be on here either. I didn’t use PayPal and it’s been over a month since we ordered. Not sure if it’s been too long for my bank to reverse the charges.


    i ordered a pair of cowboy punk boots. whenever i purchase online i always buy a visa card for the amount of the product and shipping so i am not worried about my credit card. However, when i emailed them to ask about my order i received a reply that stated due to a large demand my order will take a little longer to arrive. i waited one week and emailed them again after reading some not so good reviews and told them that i need a ship date or i would be contacting the attorney general’s office in the state that i live in and would also file a complaint with face book for running their adds. i received the same blanket email, however, i noticed the next day i do not see their adds on facebook. i have contacted the visa card people and have disputed the charge.

  10. Marsha

    I ordered a pair of boots. Never received. Used my credit card. Will be contacting them. I hate online shopping. NEVER again

  11. Kristen Sims

    I ordered boots as well from RollyChic on October 17, and still haven’t received them. When I emailed them asking where my boots were,I received an email at 4:30 in the morning saying to do to a high order volume the boots will be delayed and to please be patient. It was a very un professional email due to the fact that it seemed like a 10 year old wrote it. I really hope I get my money back being that I didn’t use pay pal. It’s sad that there are so many shitty people out there!

  12. Lori Lardie

    I ordered boots, paypal used, I have a tracking number and my order has shipped, through the USPS., but it is in San Jose California, if I don’t get my boots, then I will contact pay pal and my credit union.


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