What is Qaterel.com : Beware of scams

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What is Qaterel.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of Qaterel.com. Here we are going to be looking at the legitimacy of this site and to make sure that they are no fake site that is going to scam people. I’m sure already you have come across the site on facebook or instagram and have already gotten to question if they are really a truthful and honest site for whatever reason you have got. Well, just as you suspected the site Qaterel.com is not a trustworthy online store and those who buy from the site are not safe in terms of receiving their order. The greatest chances are that the scam site will steal the people’s money and disappear. So if you have questions about this site site such as what is Qaterel.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, truthful, trustworthy, real, fake, fraudulent, good or bad then this information might just be of some help and may keep you from getting scammed.


The truth about what is Qaterel.com

Qaterel.com is mainly showing some pilers on their home page and whatever they may have been selling on facebook or instagram has been or real low prices that have been complained to be too good to be true and have raised questions about this site’s legitimacy and hence left much room for doubt. The site is a scam site that hasn’t been online for long and won’t be around for long either.

From the looks of things, the site is a group of many online scam sites that have been created lately and which may hundreds of them which we have reviewed here. These sites have all been using these popular social media platforms to advertise their products and once you get tricked into believing they are legit, they won’t send you anything or may send you counterfeit items. Below we have listed some of the red flags from the site that may be a sign to you.


Scam signs

First of all once you get to buy from them you will realise that like any other scam we have also reviewed here you wont be able to call the site. This is because they are hiding their identity and giving you a fake number is part of the process as this helps prevent getting tracked. Why else would they give you a fake phone number? Emails definitely may be replied when they feel like it. Another scam sign that has made people really suspicious is the fact that the site is offering and advertising prices that are clearly fake and unrealistic. According to whois the site is still too new to be trusted, you should never trust a new site that involves money.





Those who buy from Qaterel.com risk getting scammed. From the history of those that have been scammed by such sites you may simply make payment and not receive anything for the money you will have had paid and if lucly you may get to receive a counterfeit product that will.cost nothing compared to the amount of money you will have had lost and lastly hope that the site doesn’t use the credit card details you provided on their I safe payments to steal cash from your credit card. If you have been scammed please contact your bank and set a dispute against the site and if you have more questions regarding what is Qaterel.com please leave a comment below.

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