What is Prodstop.com : Scam or legit?

Introduction to what is Prodstop.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of what is Prodstop.com. This is one of the sites that most people have been asking questions about and I just thought I would so a review on them since they are advertising their items on Facebook and many people are bound to have this same question. Hopefully no one has already bought from them because as you shall see in this review the site is not to be trusted and there are so many reasons why which make them untrustworthy and risky to buy from. So here We are going to be assessing the legitimacy of the site to answer all those who may have such questions as what is Prodstop.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, genuine, trustworthy, good or a bad online store.


Truth about what is Prodstop.com

Prodstop.com is a new online store that is advertising their items on Facebook and maybe Instagram as well and have an affiliate disclosure that claims they are an Amazon affiliate. The site sells toys, jewellery,  luggage bags, furniture moving items and other stuff. Although they claim to be an affiliate of Amazon there is no evidence to this because if you are an affiliate the links on your website should be promoting amazon and lead you to buy from an amazon page.

Well the links on the site are of their own store which we doubt is even a real store. So they are not an affiliate of amazon at all in any way and their store which you are made to buy from is not trusted for the reasons which we shall be looking at in the section below. Just for a background it is important to know that the site is one of the many many online fake stores that is advertising on these social media platforms. All of these unknown new sites advertising are not to be trusted as they are always being reported of scam so do not buy from them and as of this one it is even way too expensive its just clear theft and lies.



1. Time

As we have already said the site is new and not only is it new but it is too new to be trusted. How do we know this? Because we have been dealing with these scammers for long time now and this site here has recently appeared and no one has said anything about it until recently and according to whois where all sites registration details should be the site was created on the 14th of february 2020 and I don’t think they have had any serious business before now becuase they have no online existence whatsoever. One thing you should never do is trust a new site.

2. Prices

Did I tell you that the prices are too expensive? Yes, recently the scammers have changed the strategy and instead of charging prices too good to be true like they used to, because of the lockdown that if found everywhere they are now charging prices too high and yet lie to you that it is a promotion and they have cut 50% of the price for you. For example some furniture moving set available on Amazon and other legit sites for $59 they are selling it for $177. These guys are not only stealing from you but they are killing the market with lies and you won’t even receive the item after you buy most probably.

3. Duplicacy

The items being sold are pictures which they download from other sites like amazon. We tried to look if there is any site with the same contact details as them but unfortunately found none.

4. Contact

Have you tried contacting them. They may reply your email before you make a payment but they won’t take your calls. I tried calling the number and it was on voice mail claiming that we are not allowed to call this number. These scammers are all claiming that because or the lock down you cannot call them. That is clearly no valid reason and fake because they just don’t want to get tracked.

5. Social media presence

The site does not have any platform for following, questions and all and this isn’t a good sign. They don’t want no bad publicity and that will only worsen it if they have any pages on social media.

6. Ownership

As of the owner of the site no one knows who they are and no one will because these details have not been provided on their registration details.




I hope no one buys from this online store. They will only lie the price to you and charge you way way higher than the real price and because of desperation you buy and they disappear and you never hear from them again. If you have more questions on what is Prodstop.com or have had some experience with them please share in the comments section.

Good luck


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Have you been scammed or have lost your money to some fraudulent online store? If the answer is yes, there is still hope and you can still get your money back also depending with how you made your payment and your bank. If you used PayPal you can set a dispute against the site and once they have confirmed and found out that you have been scammed or received what was not worth it arangenents can be made to cancel the transaction. If you made a payment directly from your credit card, visit the bank or your credit card company they will help you cancel the transaction.



8 comments on “What is Prodstop.com : Scam or legit?

  1. Emman

    Wow! Another scam oriented platform and thank you for exposing this one again. It is really disheartening to see platforms like this who centers on just scamming people like us who are innocents. Prodstop is really not worthy of my time and effort so I will just stick to your suggestion and stay off them. Thank you so much for sharing this post out here

  2. Riley

    Why would they be lying about the time when they opened their website if there is nothing fishy about the website in its whole generality. I find it really funny that I cannot see any reason why a person would want to make enquires about na online store before purchasing but still you have done just the right thing to burst this scams. Thanks!

  3. Nimrodngy

    Thanks a lot for summarizing such an important review on Prodstop and for all the useful explanation given.
    I can say that I saw a lot of ads from Prodstop on my social accounts but I never knew what they were really dealing with.
    Once I wanted to order a toy for my child and the price was really 2 times higher than other sites where I found these toys.
    Even yesterday I saw some products and that’s why I decided to look for more information about this online store. I’m glad you opened my eyes and now I know what decision to make and try to ignore all the illegalities Prodstop does.

  4. Paolo

    Hi! I greatly appreciate this warning. This must be shared. I also came across advertisement from them on Facebook and several items were offered.

    The point that you mentioned that no one knows the owner is a good point. How hides on the back end of this platform? these red flags are good to watch. Thank you very much!

  5. Sheddy Ovb

    Thanks  for taking out time to share such important information to members of the out public, it will be of great help to so many out there. It amazes me to know that there are people out there who still have the interests of  others at heart. I never took note of all these signs or characteristics of online scammers. I think you points are very correct and I make sure i keep to them so as not to be unfortunate. Thanks once again for this article.

  6. evans

    Thanks for sharing say an eye opening article about podstop, if only everyone can be like you then the world would bena better place for us all…Friends and family may have come past sites that are scam but sharing their experience about the site to other looks pretty difficult yo them cos they probably wanna cover their faces and its totally bad.

  7. Tanvir Ahmed

    First, Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about Prodstop com. This article will save a lot of people from losing their money.
    You have very nicely distinguished between Scam and legit. Scam or legit is fully mentioned here.
    I believe, this article is helpful for everyone. Your article is very helpful for me. Thanks for presenting beautifully.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about Prodstop com. Thanks


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