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What is netincome.pw

Hello and welcome to my review of netincome.pw. In this review we are going to be accessing the legitimacy of this site and help all those who are stuck on the decision of whether they should invest or not. If you have questions such as what is netincome.pw, is netincome.pw a scam, legit, honest, paying, genuine, real, trustworthy, good or bad investment site this review may be the perfect review to answer your questions and hopefully this review will be an eye opener and will help you make your decision after being well informed about this site.


What is netincome.pw? Is it a scam?

Netincome.pw is a high yielding investment program. Just in case you may not be aware this is currently the most common and most popular group of scams online. More than 95% of these hyip sites are scams and everyday new HYIP sites are created and some are deleted after they have scammed people. So what is Netincome.pw? No doubt that this site is no better than the other 95%, it is a scam site that is only after your money.

If you had been planning to invest in this site and get some financial boosting at netincome.pw then you may want to revisit you decision. So below i have put down a few things that may show you that this site is a scam and if you have any further question you can just leave a comment at the bottom of this review.


Reasons why this site has been labeled a scam

1. Returns promised are unrealistic

Maybe you at one time thought to yourself that this site is really too good to be true and that is why you wanted to first have a look at what others may say about it. Well, you are right this site promises returns which are too good to be true. If you ever come across a site that promises you such returns especially returns in a few minutes or in an hour then you definitely know that you are dealing with a scam.

The site promises returns of 245% in 20 minutes, 295% in 40 and others which lie in between with the highest being 865% in 3 hours. These are not just unrealistic they are also insane. There is no company in the world or whatsoever person who can make such returns in such a short a period of time. Making 245% returns in a month is almost impossible for most firms especially if they are big firms and this site promises such returns in just 20 mins. Making money online is a possibility but can never be possible to this extent.

2. Fake contact details

One thing I know for sure is that scam sites will never give you real contact details. It is always that way, they always give you fake contact details or  they don’t give you any at all. Netincome.pw has a phone number that is at the top of every page and considering the returns that have been promised as seen on the above reason it so quite obvious the phone number will be an invalid one just like the rest of them.

So I called the phone number just to make sure you can also do the same and you will realise that this phone number doesn’t exist. It is an invalid number. Now if the site was legit there wouldn’t be any reason for it to give a fake contact number. They never give real numbers because it makes them vulnerable and puts them at risk of being tracked down and caught. You can tell whether a site is a scam or not by the level of disclosure of the information that is supposed to be common. Scams will try to hide even the common information as long as it may help people know who they really are.

3. Hidden identity

No one knows the owner of the site. That is obviously because scams never let you know anything about them. So you will find out that hyip site managers are never at any forums answering questions about their sites. You can check out the details of the site at whois and You will realise that the owner of this site is not listed in the details and on the site there is nothing about the members of the admin at all. So I’m sure you understand that you can’t give your money to a person you don’t know. Especially if they have already proved to be liers.

4. Site is Too new to be trusted

I’m 100% sure that the site is a scam, but for the benefit of doubt for goodness sake you cannot and never should invest in an hyip site that has no online reputation whatsoever  and is still new. New sites are causally proving to be scams. Go for time tested, legit sites that can help you make money online.



If you are looking for legit ways to make money online you may want to check out Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate gives you the best step by step, on the job training on how to build an online income stream that is passive. Building a business online is obviously not a quick money scheme but is also obviously the most paying ways to make money online.


If you are looking and are only interested in High Yielding investment program i won’t be standing in your way but olease be advised that these sites can never be fully trusted. So I’ll give you access to a website that I have reviewed lately and looks like it has been online and confirmed to be paying for quite some time now but INVEST AT OWN RISK, is wouldn’t encourage you to use HYIP sites.




The answer as to what is netincome.pw is quite clear. This site is a scam and most probably won’t be around for long. If you however choose to invest make sure you invest only the amount you can risk losing. Netincome.pw is a scam site. Do not invest.

Good luck

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