What is beauty.moonbaysj.store : Scam or legit

What is beauty.moonbaysj.store

Hello everybody and welcome to my site and as you all know here we are going to be speaking on moonbaysj.store which is also known as beauty.moonbaysj.store, all you need to know about this online store. So we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this online store and hope all of you will get answers to all their questions. Now the first thing I would want to mention is that this site is not a trusted online store and of course that is why you are here. If you don’t trust them do not attempt to buy from them and guess what, you are not the online one who is having these questions, in the past few days thousands of people have been asking the same question. Do not buy from beauty.moonbaysj.store or just moonbaysj.store to avoid getting scammed. Now if you have bought from the site and have such questions such as what is beauty.moonbaysj.store, is it a scam, legit, honest, real or fake let’s take a look at that or would you rather check out out recommended and scam free way to make money online?


What others are saying

Well, like I have already mentioned the site has been getting lots of people asking questions about them. Greatest worry is that some people have been over charged that is having your card charged more than the agreed amount. Some have tried to contact the site and their emails are not being replied and the number isn’t functional either so there is no way to contact them and the site is also now unavailable.


The truth about What is beauty.Moonbaysj.store

So have you been shopping at Moonbaysj.store? Well too bad to have to bring you this bad news but this was really one bad site that you should have had to try. The site is a new online store been claiming to be selling some electronic stuff and advertising some small colour printer or something like that. Now that the site has already been reported to be an untrusted online store we are going to be showing you why and all you may need to know.

The site has been using Facebook or maybe Instagram or applications as well to make sure they get access to their potential customers. So no wonder why thousands of people have been looking them up in the past few days. They are not worth the trust below we are going to be Looking at some of the scam signs that you may have had missed on the site. Below are some of the scam signs we came across.


Scam signs

First of all is that the site is still a new online store. Now over the time that I have been online and after scams you may want to know that it is never a good thing to try to buy from a new site and though I haven’t bothered to look them up I’ll leave you a link to whois so you can check their whois details. They are too new to be trusted and I don’t know about the price and what the item would really cost but from how I see it the price is too good to be true.  Also the many questions about them makes them a risky site. The owner of the site is also unknown. They are hiding their real phone number contact details so that they don’t get tracked. I don’t know what day you are reading this but when I tried to visit they page using Google their page wasn’t available anymore and it very possible they have already disappeared with people money.





If i were you I wouldn’t buy from moonbaysj.store. The greatest probability is that if you buy from  this site or have bought from them you will receive some fake item, nothing or may have your credit card over charged. If you have more questions on what is beauty.moonbaysj.store or have had some experience with the site please make sure you leave a comment below.

Good luck


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Have you been scammed or have lost your money to some fraudulent online store? If the answer is yes, there is still hope and you can still get your money back also depending with how you made your payment and your bank. If you used PayPal you can set a dispute against the site and once they have confirmed and found out that you have been scammed or received what was not worth it arangenents can be made to cancel the transaction. If you made a payment directly from your credit card, visit the bank or your credit card company they will help you cancel the transaction.



22 comments on “What is beauty.moonbaysj.store : Scam or legit

  1. Cathy Allen

    Hello there! Thank you for reviewing moonbaysj.store. It sounds like several so-called stores that have ripped me off in the past. They have pictures of great merchandise, and sometimes even recommendations from customers. It’s sad that someone with the talent to make a fake store would rather do that than just make the real thing. I’m really glad you exposed these fraudulent scammers. Keep up the good work!

    1. Donny Post author

      Glad I could give an advice Cathy and I’m happy you looked them up first to avoid what happened in the past

  2. Abul Basher

    Hi Donny, thank you very much for a great review about moonbaysj.store with a nice title “What is moonbaysj.store : Scam or legit”. Before reading your review I was very confused about it. is it legit or scam. but now I am totally clear about it. I hope you will publish more useful article in future.

    1. Donny Post author

      Sure Abul… good thing to always confirm before making a buy or not decision. Don’t get scammed. Good luck

  3. Abagatan

    Thank you for exposing this scammer website, Moonbaysj.store. If they cannot live up to their campaign and people are exploited we should not support this and spread this bad news so everyone will be informed.

    If they deceive people and give fake products they are scams. Now we can avoid this site sucking the hard-earned money of people.

  4. Stephanie

    The fact that the name if the company doesn’t even relate to the products you mentioned. I mean, for some reason I thought they were sellimg beauty products or essential oils, but instead they’re sellimg printers and stuff related to that? That seems a little risky and scammy to even bother looking up. The fact that the site is already down is a big no-no’

  5. Dolbe

    Thank you for giving us alert on the new online store.  I do agree with your point of view on not buying stuff from the online store with so many scams.  Otherwise, we do not only waste our time, but also lose the money and some may involve in legal disputes.  Purchase from a reliable company is very important, no matter a physical one or an online one.


  6. KingAndrea

    Its truly dangerous to patronize a new shopping website like moonsbaysj store as you’ve said, it’s credibility is yet to be confirmed so it might turn out to be one of those scam website that takes order and never deliver them or even deliver fake product. It’s very nice that you have done this review, it is very good and useful.

  7. EVA

    Hi Donny, thank you so much for your article review on moonbaysj.store.

    I never came across this company before. At least you will help people avoid those sophisticated virtual traps.

    We can find anything while surfing on the internet. We must be careful when shopping online as the scammers are always ready to trap people.

  8. Wildecoll

    To be sincere, i don’t employ the idea of shopping new sites, a lot of danger comes attached to it like taking your credit card details and overcharge you, marketing fake products or even expired ones, taking your money and not delivering. All these boils down to doing enough qualitative research about the whatever it is you want to do online before engaging. Moonsbaysj store shouldn’t be considered since the rating is low.

  9. Irin Ahmed

    Hi Donny, nice effort such as lots of information put together and share it to people. Now a days in online marketing people really get confuse which site is scam or legit. I see you were talking wonderfully about the sign of scam site as well difference between scam and legit. It would help people much more. Now I am sure that moonbaysj.store is a scam site. People would glad to see these scam sites you exposed in your review. Thumbs up to you for your review. Will wait for more reviews about another scam site.

  10. Shifts

    Hello Donny. Thank you for sharing this review of beauty.Moonbaysj.store

    Indeed, a new website especially an online shop should not be trusted especially when the owner(s) is (are) unknown. This is one of the major things I watch out for whenever I want to test for legitimacy of a website. beauty.Moonbaysj.store is exactly what that looks; no founder stated.

    Best regards!

  11. Techie

    This post has really helped me so much and I am very such that it will be of help to others too and we will all be protected from scam. Thank you for sharing the scam signs. Fake phone number, the owner is unknown, the website is a new site, and worst is they are no longer available. They must have gotten away with people’s money 😣

  12. JAX

    Hi Donny,

    Thank you for this review. There are many such websites on the market to cheat consumers. Although I haven’t bought anything at beauty.moonbaysj.store. But your review reminded me not to go, I already remembered. I also want to remind my friends and family. Your website also tells us a lot of such sites, and I must take a good look when I’m free.

      1. Donny Post author

        Contact your credit card company or PayPal if it’s what you used and set a dispute against the site they may help you reverse the tramsaction

        1. Denise

          Wow I just got a switch for my child. I’m so mad I cant afford this this is all that she wanted for x mass I have the receipt ugh

  13. Krystal

    I am currently disputing my transaction with this “company.” They took my money, of course, but I never received anything. No tracking info, and I was even stupid enough to wait the full 7-10 days in hopes it would just come in the mail. They won’t email me back, the phone doesn’t work, and website has been removed. I had to cancel my credit card and file a fraud case with my bank. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE! IT’S A SCAM!

  14. peggy

    too late for me i ordered something on nov 27th still nothing you cant even get ahold of anyone to ask any questions sad party i cant get anything for my son for christmas because of this thanks alot thieves


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