What is Mghgh.myshopify.com : Scam exposed

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What is Mghgh.myshopify.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this review of Mghgh.myshopify.com a new site, or at least I think it is a new site because no one really knows a thong about it until recently when they started to advertise their items. In this review we are going to be looking at the legitimacy of this online store to try to find out whether they can be trusted or whether they should just be shut down by all means possible. Well I say they should be shut down, if I could I would do that. Why? Because they are fake and not to be trusted with your money or any details. They are a scam site. So if you have such questions like what is Mghgh.myshopify.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad then I hope you will find this to be of some help.


The truth about what is Mghgh.myshopify.com

The site as I have already mentioned is still new, too new that you can’t trust it. For all those who want to know whether they can be trusted, you can’t trust someone you don’t know a thong about with your money can you? Well it should be the same way when it comes to buying online, you can’t trust a new site and too bad they are a lot of them so many of them that I come across them on a daily basis and to be safe you just have to be real careful.

For instance over the past year, 2019 I have had to come across thousands of fake stores and guess What, the majority of them are these new stores like Mghgh.myshopify.com and they are all advertising either on Facebook or Instagram and a few of them on applications and games. These social platforms are not to be trusted when it comes to these ads and just because it is on Facebook does not mean they are legit and this one of those sites that is fake and will be scamming people in the following days or months or even the whole year which I doubt. Below are some of the scam signs from the site.


Scam signs

Scam sites are not so hard to identify when you have come across a number of them. They all have just about the same scam signs. One thing about the site is it is using a subdomain name which ends with .myshopify.com, such sites are usually from scammers who are not really serious about their brand name being known and the name of the site itself is meaningless. They are not known anywhere are a new site that is too new to be trusted. The prices are totally unrealistic and they are selling items such as the Milwaukee tool combo for the same scam prices they are being sold for on other scam sites. They have not left any contact details to avoid getting tracked by their victims.  They have also not left any who is details for people to know who they are.





I’m sure some will doubt that the site is fake but trust me, I come across them everyday and hunt them down everyday, they are simple scam signs but if you ignore them you will lose your money. Those who buy from the site risk having their credit card details stolen and also they risk making payment and receiving nothing that they order. There are chances of you receiving counterfeit items. For more questions on  what is Mghgh.myshopify.com or scam reports leave a comment below.

Good luck

2 comments on “What is Mghgh.myshopify.com : Scam exposed

  1. Kenny Lee Standridge

    I recently bought a Mini 2 seater vehicle and have heard a word from them much less My vehicle, Yes I am sure that I have been Scamed ! What should I do as far as securing My Bank Account.

    1. Donny Post author

      You can contact your bank and have the card closed and your account linked with a new card meaning new credential details


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