What is Hodimall.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Hodimall.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this review of Hodimall.com. In this review we will be looking at this clothing store to assess their legitimacy and help answer questions regarding whether people should trust them with their money or not. According to a lot of reviews this site has been ranked as an untrustworthy online store that may most likely scam anyone who buys from them and so if you were planning on getting anything thetr you may want to be a little more careful and aware of the online store you are about to get involved with. They have been having ads on platforms like Facebook and instagram and this is of course the reason why there are lots of people asking questions about them. So if you are one of those with such questions as what is Hodimall.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, genuine, good or a bad clothing site to buy from then this review may be of some help.


The truth about what is Hodimall.com

Hodimall.com is one clothing site for women that has just been released and has been getting quite some loads of traffic from their ads. The already said to be untrustworthy online store is selling all their items at quite a significant discount and this is why there are a lot of people asking questions on whether they are safe or not. Truth be told the chances of getting scammed are quite high than those of getting your order.

Such a site is not a new thing at all as there are hundreds of not already thousands of these fake online stores that have been around since beginning of 2019. Of all the reviewed, these sites have one way or the other had bad reports from scam victims and you definitely don’t want to be the first one to buy or experience anything from them without knowing what exactly you are walking into. However the following scam signs have been put together to help you with your buy it leave decision.


Scam signs

Like any other site that is advertising on facebook and charging low prices the site is a new online store and one thing you should never do is trust a new online store because you never know what to expect. The site has also been registered for the shortest term available which is one year and these scammers never live for longer than that. According to whois the site was created on the 18th of August 2019. The price cuts are quite too good to be true too. Almost all the clothes being sold have been cut down to about and below 50% of what they would cost on a normal site. They do not have any real live way to contact them either such as a phone number.





There are a lot of scam sites advertising on facebook and these are the majority of facebook ads. You cannot trust this online store and they possess just as much of the scam signs as many other sites which have scammed people.  If you are going to buy there are chances of having your credit card over charged, buying and receiving nothing and chances of receiving a counterfeit item. Don’t get scammed. If you have had any experience with the site or have any more questions about what is Hodimall.com please leave a comment.

Good luck

8 comments on “What is Hodimall.com : Scam or legit?

  1. M C

    Ok so this review is a scam also. Did you purchase something from said site? Did you try to contact the site . Did you do absolutely anything at all? Except stat the damn obvious. This is not a review at all this is you not knowing anything and the last comment is good luck. When someone looks a review normally the reviewer actually uses or gads used the damn product. Man you fucking suck!

    1. Donny Post author

      Hello MC

      Did you purchase anything from the site? Please do. It is this “damn obvious” things we state that have helped people avoid getting scammed and we don’t wait for people to get scammed, we make sure they don’t get scammed. If the site belongs to you or you have received the item please contact us and we will happily consider your side. If you are also assessing the legitimacy of the site and don’t find this useful you might as well buy from the site and we will use you for an example.
      Good luck

      1. Emmanuelle

        En effet c’est une arnaque. J’ai commandé un gilet qui paraissait vraiment beau et de très belle qualité et j’ai reçu un truc qui ressemble plus au gilet du film. “le père Noël est une ordure”, je ne me ferais plus avoir de la sorte

    2. Kasandra Pailsent

      I am just waiting for the email this company was supose to send me when they would ship out my order .It has been roughly 14 days.They gave me a tracking #ect but i cant get into it.So is this hodimall fake or not ,not sure I am leaning towards the yes side.There is about another 7 days left for my shpment to arrive .Will see????

  2. Jen

    I did order and according to their shipping it is to ship in 5-8 business days. 15 days and still not shipped. They have replied to my emails stating the high demand on items which is the reason it is taking so long. They are quick to take a payment but not follow through with their shipping items in a timely manner. Ordered Sept 28, 2019 and today is Oct 18 and still not shipped VERY frustrating. I will give 1 more week then reach out to PayPal for a refund. Not happy

  3. Mary smith

    Please. Please.please don’t order… took 5 weeks to get my order . Then it was this cheap incomplete paper thin thing that looked like a hospital robe. And it was supposed to be this nice sweater with fur on the front.. and this thing didn’t have any fur.. looked like something from the dollar tree.. then I followed they’re return policy and they would never give me a return address. So they are a total scam. I feel for it and they got my money. Please don’t order from this company. And this is a real US citizen. Not so fate china person pretending to love this company..

  4. Anne

    I have also ordered from this firm, I waited 6 weeks only to be told my partial order has been returned to them because they weren’t able to deliver to me, I had changed address and didn’t live here anymore. My address is current, the delivery was to be at my workplace where every other delivery company delivers to and there are lots of people that will take a delivery for me if I’m not at mu desk.. I wasn’t contacted to say there was a problem until the shipment was back in their county. they are now demanding more money to resend it.
    I have sent many emails to them explaining that I will be paying no more money as the delivery company they use is incompetent and suggesting they use a different one for the remainder of the order.
    All I have received back are further demands for the money before the 20th November or the items will be destroyed
    This is a total scam


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