What is Henteras.com : Scam or legit?

What is Henteras.com?

Henteras.com is a new online store that is deemed as untrustworthy and not worth buying from. Well by not worth I mean it would be a bad idea to buy from this online store not because of quality but because of the fact that you are most likely not going to get ehat you paid for and in no time the site goes ghost and you won’t be able to access it anymore.

Welcome to my review of Henteras.com and here in this review as we shall be assessing the legitimacy of the site to see whether they are a genuine online store to by hoodies from you will realise they are quite on the unhonest side and are actually another scam site. So if you have questions such as what is Henteras.com, is it a scam, legit, fake, fraudulent , genuine, good or bad online hoodie store then I hope this will be of help.


All you need to know about Henteras.com

If you have been planning on buying from the online store Henteras.com then there are a few things that you should know in general to make you buy or not decision. Henteras.com is one of those online stores that have been advertising using social media platforms like Facebook to get people to buy from them, of these sites over the past 2 years the scam sites are the largest number and are more than 90% of the ads there.

Do not trust the ads on these platforms they are from scammers, of course not all of them, but watch out for the new ones and the lying ones and the ones that are hiding their identity like Henteras.com. Below are some of the few scam signs you may have had missed from the site.


Scam signs

Henteras will tell you that they have been online for the past 6 years, were started in 2014 and have more than 200 retailers around the world but this is just a statement they plan to use to gain trust as a time tested site. Truth is they are not, they are just like any other scam advertising, just a few days old as at date of review, the site was created on the 14th of May 2020, then why would they want you to know otherwise?

Because they know you too wouldn’t trust them if no one has experienced anything good from them yet. As for the owners, they are not known at all and very seldom do we come across a legit site that doesn’t have a contact phone number but for scams it is very common because they want to hide their identity. Once they go ghost your even be able to contact them and even if you could you wouldn’t  get a reply.





Henteras.com is not a trustworthy online store and the chances of getting scammed are high. Do not risk having your money stolen by them.  After a they are other legit sites that sell the same hoodies for prices that are lower than the ones being charged or just about the same price such as Amazon. You will risk making a payment and getting nothing in return if you do happen to buy from them. If you have more questions about what is henteras.com site or have been scammed please leave a comment below.

Good luck


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Have you been scammed or have lost your money to some fraudulent online store? If the answer is yes, there is still hope and you can still get your money back also depending with how you made your payment and your bank. If you used PayPal you can set a dispute against the site and once they have confirmed and found out that you have been scammed or received what was not worth it arangenents can be made to cancel the transaction. If you made a payment directly from your credit card, visit the bank or your credit card company they will help you cancel the transaction.



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