What is Giutrei.club : Scam or Legit

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What is Giutrei.club

Giutrei.club is another scam site that has been selling game items and claims to be a legit site selling at cheap price. Fact is already there are so many scams like them and these sites are all using Facebook to advertise their items whilst they are not legit at all but just scam sites that want nothing less than to just steal from you. So I’m sure you may have had been thinking about buying from them because of their real low prices but the site is not to be trusted and those who buy from them will get scammed, make a payment and get nothing worth what they paid for. So if you have questions like what is Giutrei.club, if its a scam, legit game store, good or bad or fraudulent thief then below are some scam signs to help you out.


Scam signs

Contact us through emails at

Service: milepick@milepick.top

Address: 921 e 52nd St.  Los angels California  United States ,90011

Tel: 3232167777

The contact details above are the contact details that belong to the online store. They are not the only one using these details, there are many other scam online stores that are using the same email address and phone number. The reason being that the scam sites belongs to the same scammers who are mostly into games and other related items. The scammer is also into Lego toys and play stations and Nintendo’s. The prices that they are charging are not legit at all and if you attempt to buy you won’t get the item because it costs way more than that. They are also too new and the was created on the 24th of April 2020.





Scam. If the site was legit then there would not be the need of using a fake phone number and address and using an email address that is well known to belong to scammers. There is no reason to buy from them because even the prices do tell that they are fake and unreliable and is simply a trap to get you to send them money. So if you wanted to buy from them you may want to look for another legit site that sells the items and is time tested. For more questions on what is Giutrei.club and also to share your experience with the site or the scammers on another site please leave a comment below.

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