What is Funstoreg.com : Is it a scam?

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Cyber Theft

Funstoreg.com is a new online store that is advertising many items for sale at prices which are quite on the low side. Could one really get these good deals at such prices or this is just a scam. This is what we shall be looking at in this short review and as you shall see you should never attempt to buy from this online store if you don’t intend to get scammed. The site is a fake online store that is operated by scammers.


Scam signs from Funstoreg.com

ThereĀ  are quite a number of scam signs you will notice on this online store. Some of these include the use of the email address customerservice.cxq001@gmail.com. The email address is used by hundreds of new scam sites and the same owners of this email address I believe have a couple of hundreds of scam sites. They are too new to trust too as the site was created on the 8th of August 2020.





Don’t buy from Funstoreg.com we have been coming across a lot of scam sites that they have made and they even look the same. Don’t let them scam you and if you have been scammed or have more questions about Funstoreg.com please leave a comment.

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