What is Figureautos.top : Beware of scam

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What is Figureautos.top

Figureautos.top is an online store selling quite a lot of stuff, from kitchen stuff, garden tools to birthday gifts and the like. I’m sure you may have come across the site on some facebook ad or maybe you have heard of the site from someone else. Hello and welcome to this review of Figureautos.top. In this review we will be looking at the site to assess their legitimacy and help all those who have come across the site and have questions regarding whether or not they should buy from them. Well, just in case someone else is an a hurry, whatever you do make sure you dont get received to buy from the site, you will lose your money and not get anything at all. So if you habe such questions as what is figureautos.top, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, genuine, a good or a bad online store then hopefully this review will be of some help as we expose this scam site.


The trust about what is figureautos.top

Figureautos.top has been getting looked up by thousands of people who want to know whether they are real or fake and I’m sure there are also another whole lot of people have not bothered to look it up and have already transacted. The site is a new online store and no doubt a scam too and by the way you should never trust an online store which is new and which has no online reputation whatsoever.

The site is getting lots of people or should we say victims from the advertising platforms which most probably should be facebook. There are a lot of other online stores that are using these platforms to advertise their fake online stores and get a lot of people to buy from them as they believe anything on facebook or instagram is legit. Below are some helpful scam signs to help you keep away from the site.


Scam signs

One thing these guys never miss is the price. They always try to make their price attractive and the prices that are being charged by figureautos.top are not as low as many other scammers but they are lower than any legit site and so they get more customers anyway. Figureautos.top is also too new to be trusted. According to whois the site was created on the 8th of August 2019 and this makes it too new to be trusted. They are also using fake phone number which doesn’t even exist and they claim to be having their head offices in China get the # is an American phone number. I’m sure the address given doesn’t belong to them either.





Figureautos.top is not a good online store to buy from. They are just trying to get you to send them money and may even over charge your credit cards as most scam sites do. So if you have been planning on buying from them you may want to think again. If you have been scammed by the site contact your bank for a refund and also make sure you leave a review of the site and if you have any questions or contributions on what is figureautos.top.

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3 comments on “What is Figureautos.top : Beware of scam

  1. Steven Broussard

    (Figureautos)were advertising A plastic hunting blind for 79$ well I tried to buy it my debit card FRAUD department IMMEDIATELY called me said this was a fraud/scam out of Britain 🇬🇧 They declined the purchase and called me to warn me so BEWARE

  2. Chris

    Just in the process of ordering the portable garage from them…$70..sounded to good to be true…after reading the reviews, I see they are scumbag scammmers..thanks

    Why is Facebook allowing these scammers to advertise?!


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