We noticed an error in your unemployment claim Montana department scam text

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There has been a scam text that many people have been warning about that is targeting Montanans that is says thetr has been an error in your unemployment claim. The text message has been sent to a lot of people that live in Montana and claims to be from Montana Department of Labour and Industry.

If you get one such text message you are advised to not do anything they tell you to that includes clicking on the link in the text message. Also do make sure you share the text message you have received or the experience you have had with them.in the comments section. Here is what the scam text message looks like.

We noticed an error in your unemployment claim. Click thelastsignal.com to review your claim. Montana department of Labor and industry.

About the unemployment scam

The reason why many people have reported this as a scam text message is because it is being sent randomly to different people with the aim of reaching those who have applied for unemployment benefits or those who are just curious enough to click on the link. There are a lot of scam text messages that are being sent to people with the same aim and that is why many people who have not claimed for unemployment have also received the scam text message. Do not do anything they tell you to do to avoid getting scammed.



The message is a scam and just after money. Well one way or the other the scammers will try to get it of you either by making you make payments or making you complete some surveys which earn them money or being part of traffic to their site or asking you to give your personal details or contact details.amd the like.  Don’t click on the link and make sure to share the text you ‘re saved and yiur views regarding this scam.

Good luck

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