UPS Unpaid Customs Charge Scam text message

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Thousands of people have recently been worried about some text message they just received coming UPS or at least claiming to be coming from them. The text message claims that your item has been stopped due to unpaid customs delivery and gives you a link to click and go follow instructions.

At the same time some people who havent sent any item or been receiving any item have also received this text message. Well if you are one of those who have received the UPS unpaid customs fee scam text message please share the text message you have received so we can spread awareness of this scam scam text. Below is a sample of the scam.

There is an update on your parcel. Item stopped due to unpaid customs fee. Follow the instructions here:

About the scam text

If you have been worried about the text message above r anything close to it then you need not be worried as this is a scam text message that has been sent by cyber criminals. I’m sure you too had your suspicions about it. The scam is just one of the many scam texts that are sent by cyber criminals claiming to be from UPS.

They attempt to have you click on the links in the text message which will take you to their risky sites that they plan to use to scam you or collect yiur personal data or even steal your credit card details. Do not click the link or give these people any information as they may use this to scam you later or send you spam texts or emails.



The UPSĀ  scam text message that claims that your item has been stopped due to unpaid custom fees is a scam and my from UPS but from some cyber criminals. Do not do anything they tell you to do and please share the text message or the experience you have had with this UPS unpaid customs fee scam text message.

Good luck

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