Purchase from Montoon on the App Store Invoice Scam

Purchase from Montoon on the App Store Invoice Scam

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the invoice that is being sent to some apple users claiming that they have just made a purchase from montoon which they did not make. What could this be about? Is this a scam and how exactly is it a scam. This is what we shall be looking at in this review of the purchase from montoon on the apple store invoice scam. So you are here because you have probably received this email as well and if you want to know whether it is for real or not I’m sure the word scam has already help you out. No matter what you do , do not try to follow up with this email it is only a way to try to steal your personal date and bank credentials for whatever purpose they may want to use it for.


The truth about Purchase from Montoon on the App Store Invoice Scam

These emails haven’t been getting sent to people for a long time now as the first reports have only been issued a few days ago. However there are lots of such emails that have been reported over time such as emails claiming you have won some lotto or have been awarded a free iPhone X or have just received a phone from Samsung. These are all intended to lead you to phishing websites where they can steal this information and which they will use for different things if they don’t make you complete some surveys which they get paid for.

No doubt this is a scam and a lot of people have already received these as they are being sent in numbers by cyber criminals. If you receive the emails or invoice make sure you delete them and do not follow what they tell you to do. You are only at risk once you have provided your credit card details in the most common cases of those who have received such.


Where did they get my email or address

Another question you may have is about where these people have gotten your email or phone number or address. Well there are a lot of places these scammers can get all these because clearly they don’t just dream about it or just guess and send it to you. They collect the information some times through the sites you may have had visited and provided your details such as emails so you want to make sure you don’t just trust every site with your details. They may also have bought this from those sites or have it from your social media accounts.¬† It is nothing serious and these people can get your details from so many places.



Have you also received this invoice and was wondering what to do. You never made any purchase after all did you? So just let the emails slide and do nothing about it. The only way you can be put at risk is when you try to follow up with them clicking links and end up having to try to cancel an order you never made and being made to give your credit card in the process. This is real common and has been used against many people who have been scammed by such sites. If you receive them make sure you just delete them if simply ignoring them may be too much. And if you have had some experience with these or have been scammed please leave a comment to help others who may have questions about these “Purchase from Montoon on the App Store Invoice Scam “. Don’t get scammed.

Good luck



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Have you been scammed or have lost your money to some fraudulent online store? If the answer is yes, there is still hope and you can still get your money back also depending with how you made your payment and your bank. If you used PayPal you can set a dispute against the site and once they have confirmed and found out that you have been scammed or received what was not worth it arangenents can be made to cancel the transaction. If you made a payment directly from your credit card, visit the bank or your credit card company they will help you cancel the transaction.



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