“Please visit the ledger.legal website and update Ledger firmware” scam text message

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Update Ledger firmware scam text

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of some text messages that are being sent to people in different places claiming that previous ledger firmware has a bug and a risk of losing assets and hence the person should visit some some usually ledger.legal or ledger.report to download the latest version of Ledger Firmware. If you have received any such text message we hope that you haven’t already done anything these guys have told you to do because they are a scam text message and you are not to follow it. Below is all you need to know about the scam and a sample of the text message.

Donald Smith, Please visit the ledger.legal website and update ledger firmware as the previous one has a bug with the risk of losing assets.

About the scam

The scam claiming to be from ledger gas been sent to people through email and also in text messages. They are claiming the same thing that there has been a bug and the receiver needs to update their version. This is an attempt to steal your login credentials and the version they make you download is just their own version which is not safe and may result in the loss of your crypto. To avoid getting scammed do not download the version and if you do, do not login on that version.



The scam texts and emails have already been proven to be a scam by Ledger and they are warning their users not to do anything these scammers tell them to do. If you have had some experience with this ledger sxam please share your experience or the text message in the comments section and help us increase awareness about the scam. Do not do anything or click the link you are told to.

Good luck

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