Parcel Sorting Center Voicemail USPS Scam

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Have you received some scam texts that claim to be from the parcel sorting center? These text messages claim that you have some parcel or package that they have and youbgavent collected it yet and you know quite well that there isn’t anything that was sent from you.

Well these texts that claim from the USPS have been a trending scam lately na shave been received by a lot of people and you don’t want to get involved with them because they are all fake scam texts as you shall see in this review. If you have also received one such scam text please let us know in the comments section by sharing the text message that you have received and the number that sent you this scam text.


About the Parcel Sorting Center Voicemail USPS Scam

The Parcel Sorting Center Voicemail USPS Scam text messages are scam texts that are being sent from cyber criminals. These guys clearly don’t want to be identified and so are using different numbers to contact the recipients and up till now no one knows who they are.

The scam texts have been trending for over a month or two now and they have been sent to hundreds of thousands of people in states and per day over a thousand received these fake messages. The police have been eating people not to do anything that these scammers tell them to as they are fraudulent. Have you done anything the scammers tell you to do? Please let us know about your experience with them and help us help others.


How the scam works

The scam is one of the many scams that are delivered through texts and over the past years you will find a lot of such texts. They don’t always tell you that you have a package that you need to collect. Sometimes they may tell you that you have won some lottery or some phone or some covid 19 fund of stuff like that. They always leave a link in the text that you need to click for .ore information or for collection or verification orbwgatver they tell you.

In this case the Parcel Sorting Center Voicemail USPS Scam texts are using links that start with for example,,,  and many others. Once you click this link they may redirect you to some survey that you are told to complete or they may lead you to a site that is malicious and contains malware. They may even tell you to make a small payment to get a package as a way to get your credit card details.



These messages are from scammers and there is no doubt about them. You may even received a couple of them in a single day. You should not do what they tell you and don’t be worried if they have your first name or the second name. There are so many places where they can get these or buy these. If you have received the Parcel Sorting Center Voicemail USPS Scam text message please share the number and the text message you received so we can help make others aware.

Good luck

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