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Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic and the vaccination program, technology has once again come to the rescue by helping out in an invincible way to make things easier than before. This review is to help you know more about Othena which is an application that is yet to be released on app store and Google store so that it can be accessed by anyone. So far it has been available in Orange City , California and many other people have been eager to know more about it whether they can trust it or not.

How this Application will help

  1. It helps to connect individuals to vaccine distributors, set up appointments and walks you through the process of vaccination.
  2. It pre registers patients, ensures consent and manages priority tiers by state and CDC criteria.
  3. It helps large scale COVID-19 testing and vaccination.
  4. It enables you to control, coordinate and follow the vaccination process.
  5. Helps schedule appointments and follow up boost shot.

So far it has administered more than 50 000 vaccination. You can be matched to vaccine distributors, set up vaccination appointments and can help you understand how the whole process will go.

The greatest advantage is that it actually offers real-time data on vaccine availability, distribution and gives instant updates on the current COVID-19 situation.

Final conclusion

This application is expected to be very effective and efficient especially during this period with this pandemic. You are adviced to download the app once it comes and if you are going to get vaccinated against COVID-19 be sure to register and follow up on the vaccination program. Othena will also reduce stress and strain on the vaccine distributors as they will not be required to do the registration process or counting physically.

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