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Cyber Theft is an Indian Online store that is in the sale of selwar suits and sarees. The site has been getting asked about by quite a large number of people and as you shall see in this review the site cannot be trusted and this is why many people have been questioning it. I’m sure you too have had your doubt about the site whether it is legit or fake.

So in this review we are just going to be looking at some of the reasons why you shouldn’t trust this site or why they can be called a scam. If you have any other scam signs you have noticed or any scam sites or suspicious sites please report them in the comments.


Scam signs

Lately there have been a lot of scam that are coming from India and many scam reports coming from there. According to the information we found on whois was created in July 2020 and whenever it comes to suspicious sites any sites that weren’t created more than a year or 6 months ago at least would be a reasons why you shouldn’t buy from them. Such sites are just too  new to trust and don’t have much record.

The site is even using fake reviews on their site which can only be seen on their site and  no where else. They don’t have any  legit contact details ad they woyldnwant you to believe and so are in a way hiding their true identity. Ad for the prices in sure you can tell they are just too good to be true.





I wouldn’t encourage anyone to buy from Don’t let their too good to be true prices be the reason you may lose a lot of money without getting any thing or getting some fake counterfeit. Leave a comment and let us know your views.

Good luck

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