m8svk.info USPS Delivery text message : Real or fake?

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In the past month or two there have been a lot of scam texts that yave been sent to people claiming that they have some USPS package that is pending collection that was delivered to them. The texts have been sent to a lot of people across American states and have been reported as fake scam texts.

In this review we will be discussing if these really are fake or real or a scam or legit text message but as you will see these are scam texts and if you ever come across one like them then you should t already know they are trying to get you to some site with the link m8svk.info.  below is all you need to know about the scam and an example of one of the texts.


FROM: 949-353-4114

Donny, urgent alert regarding your USPS package 6S82A3 from 06/22/2020. Go to: m5smz.info/RXwPvRAj4B


About the m8svk.info scam

Over the past weeks the scammers have been changing the domain to which the link redirects. All the time I have noticed each person  receives a different link like the end of the link always differs and they have been changing the domain too so that they get rid of the bad reputation that springs up online coming from different news sites and reviews.

Like for example they used to use the links that start with l6mkv.info. All these texts claim the same thing and are all scam texts. The police have been eating people about these texts and not to click on the links as they are from untrusted people.



Those who click on these links are being manipulated to go to some untrustworthy sites that may mean having your credit card details stolen, having some malware software installed on your phone, helping the scammers make money by clicking ads or completing reviews or offers or going to some YouTube channel to subscribe. Don’t get scammed or fooled by them.

Good luck

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