Lowe’s $150 Coupon scam : Beware of scam

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Lowe’s $150 Coupon Scam

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the Lowe’s $150 Coupon Scam. This has been circulating on Facebook and claims that Lowe is giving away a coupon for $150 and many people have received it and have been asking questions about it. Well the scam was once in the rose about 6 months ago and looks like the scammers have come again this year. It is a phishing scam and not legit at all, do not waste your time time trying to follow anything that they tell you to do in order to get it. There is no $150 Coupon from Lowe and all those who come across this post should not give their details to them as this is what the scam is after, should not compete any surveys or offers or give them any confidential information.


The truth about Lowe’s $150 Coupon Scam

This is one of the many scam messages that are being circulated claiming people have won money, coupons, lotto and the like and they should not be followed. Lowe is not responsible for this post and knows nothing about such a promotion. Just to be sure if you doubt please visit their Facebook page and contact support but already some have asked if this is legit and the answer is no. If you follow what they tell you to do, you will be directed to a page where they will ask you to give information such as your email address but luckily I hear there are no credit cards required.

They¬† will also ask you a few questions or in a way should I say give you some surveys to complete and this is how they¬† can benefit from it as thry get paid by the company that needs the surveys outcomes. At the end of it all you may be listed as a winner or told you have won but that is the end of it all and may in the future get messages or spam from sites or companies they may sell the information you give to them. If you are wondering if there is virus or anything like that related to it, I doesn’t look like so.



Lowe is not giving away any $150 coupons. There are many other people are who come in contact with this claim and have followed the instructions and have gotten no coupon because it doesn’t exist. The scams have always been there they are just phishing scams and nothing to be much concerned about. If you have more questions about the Lowe’s $150 Coupon Scam or have had some experience with them please leave a comment below and help us help others be aware of the scam. After that please also check what others are saying by clicking here.

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