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[Total: 0 Average: 0] has been reported to us as an untrustworthy online store that has been scamming people. Already the site seems to have more sites that are like them and are selling intex products and pretending to be official intex sites. If you come across any site that has the domain name then then should know the site is risky. The scammers have made sure hey have made many other sub domain scam sites under the domain name  Below is a report against the online store that we have received from one of their customers.


Customers says

I ordered from this website, never got my product. After doing some research discovered this is a fake website for Intex. If you try to email helpdeskcustomerservicebest-com it comes back undelivered and the 800 number no will answer it. I should have done more research of the site and known it was to good to be true on the prices. Hopefully my bank will refund my money once I report it as fraud.


Scam signs

Lately there have been a lot of scam sites that have been claiming to be selling intex items. If you come across such a site then you want to be on the guard because the highest chances are that they are a scam. The prices being charged for the items being sold are also too good to be true and  definitely not realistic. They use a scam email address that is being used by hundreds of other scam sites



The online store is 100% a scam. You are not encouraged to buy from them and if you have been scammed or have had some experience with them please share with us in the comments section. Those who buy from will risk having their money taken and not receiving anything.

Good luck

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