Ifodet.com : fake or legit?

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Ifodet.com is an online store advertising items like wardrobes, water proof mattresses etc. A lot of people have been asking if it’s a legit store or one of those online scams. This review is to help you see why we say it’s a scam. We’ve also heard many people talking about how they were scammed.

Why we say it’s a scam?

Ifodet.com was registered a few months ago and this makes it too new to be trusted. You cannot trust an online store that barely has a year operating.

Looking at the prices recently for black Friday deals, they were just too good to be true. You’d notice that a pasta maker machine is going for $22.99 and a waterproof mattress is going for $29.99. these prices are insanely low and this would cause someone to question this shop’s authenticity. Scammed would advertise with low prices just to get customers intrigued and entering their credit card details and have money deducted from it and not receive their orders.

Another vivid scam sign is that you’ll notice that on the website they didn’t enter their contact information and this to obviously cover their tracks.


Ifodet.com is scamming a lot of people don’t be one of them. If you’ve had any experience with this online store please do let us know by leaving a comment below.stay woke.

15 comments on “Ifodet.com : fake or legit?

  1. Adam Berrett

    I made a purchase on Dec 7th. When the order was placed, the shipping time was 7-10 days. It is now Dec 20th. Still haven’t seen anything from them. I checked my order status on their website. It still says “processing” as of today. The order on their website indicates the purchase was made 7/12/2020, instead of 12/7/2020. I’ve emailed them to inquire of the status of the order (an email address is the only contact information provided). Still awaiting their response. I believe this is a scam, and will be canceling my credit card. Please, DO NOT trust this company.

  2. Andrea

    Same… I’ve made an order 30th November and no code for tracking the shipment an it’s 21th December and didn’t receive it.

  3. Kay

    I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. Ordered something December 12th paid for expedited shipping and it still says processing. Emailed them and nothing.

  4. Kyrah

    Ordered a hand casting kit for $50, took three weeks and I received two small unmarked bags of what looks like bath bomb mix from some random place in Jamaica?

    1. Kathy

      Exactly!! Same here. Ordered 2 hand casting kits on 12/11/20 and order said I ordered it on 11/12/20. Also just received it in the mail on 12/31/20 in a small pkg marked from Jamaica, NY and all I received was 4 small pouches that look like coke or anthrax with no instructions. I ordered a single (for two hands) and a family size yet both sets of pouches are the same size. This DEFINITELY is a scam!!!

  5. Dana Kennedy

    I made a purchase from this company, received the order but it wasn’t anything near what they advertised and what I paid for. I got cheap crap that didn’t resemble anything of what I ordered! Rip off scammers, steer clear!

  6. A-M

    I made a purchase from IFODET on November 10. I actually DID receive something – though not what I ordered. Clearly they purchased the cheaper “baby” version of the kit instead of what I’d ordered, which was the adult version. Also they sent me a random pink shirt, when what I ordered was a mattress cover. It’s a very good way for the company to just get an interest free loan for the amount you send them and then they hope you either forget you ordered something, or are too tired to send back the junk they DO send. Thank god for paypal’s guarantees!

  7. Ronnie Vannoy

    I purchased 2 of the pearl of my heart hand moldes for my wife for Christmas never received them also tried contacting them and the email comes back undeniable. I didn’t think a company could advertise on Facebook if they where a scam but learned my lesson $89.00 lesson

  8. Trisha

    I ordered the hand model kit on December 7, 2020 and I sent an email and I actually got a reply and it said they are so busy and are working on getting my order out. So just this morning I sent another one and now it bounces back. I’m so upset because I am on a VERY limited income due to illness and $59 might not seem a lot of money but for me it was. But what means more is I was going to take a model of my dad, mom and myself. My dad has Alzheimer’s and heart issues and my mom is very sick with covid and my brother passed two years ago. So more than money this would have been priceless. Sorry to rant, I’m just upset that it was a scam. Here’s to a happy new year and May we all stay as healthy as possible..

  9. Micheke

    Same here! I ordered the Pearl of My Heart for my parents (Father is suffering from Alzheimer’s) and wanted a lasting memory for my mom) … but only got 2 packets of WHITE stuff and no instructions or container to make it in!!
    This is a scam… so sad that people have to play on people’s emotions to make money! I pray that karma is a BITCH!

  10. Kerry

    I ordered from this company the family size mold kit. What I got was a little parcel with NO BUCKET as advertised. I am extremely upset word’s just can’t express how I feel about it. They took a lot of money for the product.


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