scam review : scam or legit

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is an online store that claims to be selling different products like bumper boats, gravity balance chair, personal watercraft etc. It’s really unfortunate how people have been giving negative feedback about it after purchasing from their website. We’ve noted some red flags on the website that we think you should know about before buying from them.

Scam signs

Firstly, this online store didn’t give it’s telephone number and it’s physical address on the “contact us” details. This is usually a bad sign as scammers wouldn’t want to be tracked and found so they hide their contact details from the website. Only legit stores would give their contact details which are correct for effective communication with customers.

The huge discounts and and the unrealistically low prices are obviously a bait to lure customers into ordering from their website. This is typical of scam sites and it’s sad how most people fall for this.

The trust seal logos of McAfee, Norton etc are fake… they’re not clickable. The images and written content on the website were copied from other scam sites.

Verdict is a scam and cannot be trusted. If you have had any encounter with this online store please feel free to leave a comment below. Stay woke.

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