“Dream worker” meaning on Tiktok video

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Since you are here in pretty sure you are looking for the meaning of Dream worker from a video you just saw most probably on tiktok or you tube or maybe you just heard someone (that recently saw the video) saying they wanna be a dream worker. The video is about guy who knocks on any house that looks nice and asks what they do for a living.

The first two man said they were lawyers and then the woman mentioned she was a dream worker. Well you shouldn’t really try that because I doubt many people are really that accommodating and there is probably some videos he didn’t dare to post. Anyways we wanna be looking at the meaning of a dream worker.


What is a dream worker.

A dream worker isn’t really a job everyone  hears about everyday. There are quite a number of views of what the woman on the video meant. Is there an occupation that is called a dream worker? I just found out there is and below is a definition of what a dream worker is that I just got from the dictionary.

person who attempts to discover what deeper meaning might be contained in his or her own, or another person’s, dreamsquotations

This is what I suppose the woman meant she does, discover the deeper meaning of people’s  dreams of course because she wouldn’t really make a lot of money discovering her own. I’m sure that niche isn’t that much occupied and she makes quite a lot from doing just that and from the way she looks she definitely looks like someone that can discover the deeper meaning of dreams. I don’t really know if that is supposed to mean she can interpret dreams.


Other views

This is what I think she meant and this is just the general meaning of a dream worker. Whilst some people believe she was trying to hide what she really does I doubt that she looked as friendly as could be and just said what she does without having to think much about it or make up anything otherwise she would have said something like I’m a magician if she intended on lying. So this is all we have for you on this subject. So for all those who want to be dream workers I hope you find your way to being just that. Let me know your views below.


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