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A lot of enquiries are being made by people concerning the new online store . This online store claims to be selling variety of tools air tools, hand tools, vacuums, plumbing tools etc. It’s always good and wise to go through reviews before ordering from an online store. This gives you more clarity on the online shop and helps you know whether you should trust the store or not. This review is about which is selling DeWalt brand products. After the review you’ll be able to decide whether you can trust this online store or not.



This online store was registered in the 4th of January 2021 meaning it’s it a few days old. This makes it too new to be trusted. You should only start trusting an online store that is atleast 6 months old. This way you can fully trust it due to reviews that true buyers make and you’re sure they’ll be operating well.


For DeWalt brand products, the prices being offered by the online store are just too good to be true. For a store that recently opened its very unusual for it to start with such high discounts and low prices. This is very typical of scam sites, they use low¬† prices as baits to get you to buy from them. Don’t fall for this.

Contact details

The website didn’t include any of its contact details, no contact number and no email address. You just fill in your email address and they say they’ll get back to you. They also didn’t include their physical address. This a very simple way to cover their tracks and never be found. We all know that only legit stores would give their full correct contact details for effective communication with customers who might be having queries.

Verdict can not be trusted. It’s most probably a scam. If you have had any encounter with this online store please feel free to leave a comment below. Stay woke.


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