Costco Free food box and voucher facebook scam

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Hello everyone and welcome to this heads up article where we will be warning you about a trending Costco scam that claims they will be giving away free food box and a voucher. The post is being circulated on Facebook and is being shared by many users and liked.

Do not trust anything this scam says they have to offer because it is a scam and not worth the risk. The scam has also been circulating using other names such a ALDI and has been reported by these companies as a scam that has nothing to do with them or any celebrations they may be having. Below is a copy of the Costco Free food box and voucher facebook scam.

“COMPETlTlON ALERT! My name is Walter Craig Jelinek and I’m the CEO of Costco.

To celebrate our Birthday, Every single person who shares and comments in the next 24hrs will get one of these Christmas Food Box delivered straight to their door on Saturday 28th November. Each Food box contains groceries worth 35 and a voucher. Limit 1 Food box per person.”

How the scam works

This scam usually has a link that you are told to click and the link will take you to some sites that are not trustworthy or are risky. However the scammers are simply gathering people and when they have enough they will be directed to the scam and they may be asked to complete some survey, make a small payment, give their details such as contact details or bank details and the link. Do not click the links as they may contain malware of harmful software’s.



This scam has been asked about by hundreds of thousands of people who have seen the same posts claiming the same thing and using different company names. Do not do anything they tell you to do they are fake and a common Facebook scam.

Good luck

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