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Whilst lately there have been lots of scam signs that come in the name of selling gaming items such as the play stations 5 and 4 mostly there are also possibilities of other sites being legit. But could be a legit site or it is just another scam.

Well with all that I’ve managed to learn about scams over the past years i have been looking into them here is all you may need to know about the legitimacy of computermill whilst we also give you a platform where you can sure your views ideas and experience with online stores and other scams. is one really tricky site in every way and below are some scam signs and good signs.


Why you cannot trust sells just the same thing a lot of scam sites have been selling lately. Buying from a site that you don’t know much about and that is selling play stations is quite a risky move. Apart from that this site is also a recent site. One thing you can never do is to trust a site thanks too new like this one.  We looked their date of creation up and according to whois the site was created on 21 October 2020 and is still too new to be trusted.


Good signs

You rarely get a scam site that has real legit social media pages like Computermill does and this is just so they don’t give you a platform where scammed victims can share their views and drag their name down the drain. They also claim to be having some items out of stock which would be something new coming from a scam site. Make sure you call them just to make sure the number is legit because scammers don’t usually give legit numbers.



I wouldn’t trust this site enough to buy from them. There are chances that they could be a scam and they could be legit. If you haven’t bought from them then you want to hold on to your money and see if there are any scam reports in a few days or so. If you have been scammed please share your reviews too and help us increase awareness about

Good luck


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