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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a new site that has been built as a platform where you can access free among us lockscreen edits. The site is new and many people have been asking if they can be trusted or not. In this review we are going to be looking into whether this really works or they are just another scam. If you have come across the site please make sure you share your views in the comments section and help us increase awareness about this site.

Is it legit and safe

We tried to use the site and it looks like they may be more a little bit more complex than we would have wanted them to be. Firstly this is because the site won’t let you use it unless you have downloaded another app as they claim this is a way to show that you are not a robot but this is actually just a way of them getting money from the owner of the application they are promoting. After i saw that requirement i really didnt download the app not because I was scared but because it was a turn off.  There are chances that this site actually works and chances that they just make you download the app and it doesn’t work.

Verdict is just one of the many new sites claiming to be having Among us wallpapers and lockscreens but i dont trust them especially after the redirect to another site to go and download the application. I’m sure you might have just gone further than that please let us know what you think about this site and if you would recommend it to anyone.

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