Amazon Prime Day winner scam text message : Beware of scam

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Cyber Theft

Thousands of people everyday have been getting some funny scam texts about Amazon Prime Day and are being told they won some MacBook laptop. Could this be true? Well lately there have been a lot of other scam texts that are being sent to people on a daily basis and this seems to be one of them as you shall see in this review.

The people sending these text messages are  scammers who are interested in making you click that lead you to malicious and phishy sites. If you have received any of these Amazon Prime Day winner scam text message please leave a copy in the comments and also share your experience. Below is a sample of the scam text.

The Amazon Prime Day Winner Is Donny! Congratulations with WINNING this new Macbook Pro. Click the link to receive it


About the Amazon Prime Day winner scam

The main of this scam text and any other scam text you may receive is to lead you to some site that will try to get your details from you or will try to make you make a Payne t to them or will use you one way or the other to make money. The only problem is that these texts redirect to different items and you cannot be sure where you end up ago times you may end up being told to make a small payment such as 5 bucks or a 99 cents to get your MacBook pro in an attempt to steal your credit card details and at times you may end up  being asked to complete some review. The Prime Day is already way past and there is no way these text messages could be legit because even on prime day you still make quite huge payments and not these fake unrealistic deals.

What is the Amazon Prime day

Prime Day is an annual deal event exclusively for Prime members, delivering two days of special savings on tons of items. Prime Day 2020 was on Oct. 13-14 and marked the two biggest days ever for small & medium businesses in Amazon’s stores worldwide.

The best Prime Day 2020 deals still available: Get a MacBook Air for $850, a Roku for $27, AirPods Pro for $199

Clearly the Amazon Prime day isn’t a day where you get items for free and not everyone gets to win stuff either you have to be a prime member and many people who aren’t have also  received these texts.

The scam texts are redirecting to sites that start with,,,,,,, and many other we might have had missed. If you get any with any other link not listed please share it here.



The Amazon Prime day winner, congratulations with winning this MacBook Pro text message is a scam and you should not do anything they tell you or click on the link. They will attempt to steal your credit card details or use you. If you receive any such text please share in the comments and help us increase awareness.

Good luck

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