ALDI free food box give away facebook scam

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Thousands of people have come across a post that has gone viral on Facebook claiming to be from ALDI and telling people that if you comment and share you will be getting a free food box lots quite good money.

If you have also come across such  a post please beware that it is a scam and not a legit message and is not in any way related to ALDI. ALDI has also reported this to be a scam and not from them and those who comment and share and are interested are led on to some site that is not to be trusted. Below is all you need to know about this scam and a sample of the scam post.

My name is Jason Hart and I’m the CEO of Aldi Inc. To celebrate our 75th birthday, Every single person who shares and comments by 6 PM Sunday will get one of these Christmas Food Box delivered straight to their door on Monday 30th November. Each box contains groceries worth $75 and a $25 ALDI  voucher.”

How the scam works

This scam is meant to direct you to some untrustworthy site that requires your details called The same site has been used in many facebook give way scams such as the Chic Fil give way scam and is not a legit site. You want to be careful as this site might ask for confidential details or contact details so they may use these to scam you in the future or send you spam.

At the site you may be asked to provide your details.or they will also you to complete some surveys or offer or will tell you you have won some item that you never get. These scammers may tackleyou differently but the thing is still you won’t get any $75 groceries or any $25 ALDI voucher. Below is what ALDI has to say about the scam.





Pure scam and nothing new. This kind of scam has been around for a long time and is not to be trusted. They may use these details to scam you again at a later date or do things that earn them money or even sell the details to spammers and scammers. If you have had an experience with this scam please let us know your views on the comments section.

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