A sum of 95.19 was sent to you by your phone CMP text message : Scam or legit

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Have you received a text message that claims that you have received some amount of money from your phone CMP? The text message has been received by a couple of other people who have also been asking if they are a scam text or a legit text telling them they ha e received money. Below is a copy of the text message even though they may at times use different fomarts.

“A sum of $95.19 was sent to you by your phone cmp. See why -> https://ggs92na.info”


If you come across such a text message please report them here. They are a scam text message and are sent by cyber criminals. Those who CLICK on the links will be sent to untrustworthy online sites that may attempt to steal your credentials from you or install malware on your phone. Do not click on the link or do anything they tell you.

Good luck

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