$99 Shed Scam : Beware of Fraudulent Online Stores

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$99 Shed scam

Hello guys and welcome to this eye opening review on some fake sites that have been selling or should we say claiming to be selling some outdoor sheds for $99. There are quite a number of them and these sites are all and fraudulent sites that have been created ripp you off your money. If you ever come across these make sure you do not buy from them and report them so that people are made aware of them and don’t get scammed by them. In this review we will be assessing the legitimacy of these $99 Shed scam sites and how best you can tell whether they are a scam and also mention a few sites that are using the same thing to scam people. So if you ha e such questions as what are these $99 Shed sites, are they for real, fake, legit, a scam, honest, trustworthy, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad online stores to buy from then this review might be of some help.

The truth about $99 shed scam sites.

There are quite a number of these online stores that are claiming to be selling some outdoor sheds for kids and these include such sites like bbnmq.myshopify.com, symptomwords.top and figureautos.top. These have all been created by cyber criminals that want to trick people into sending them money whilst thinking they are making a purchase. Once you have bought you may never hear from them again.

The sites also at most times use insecure Payment methods where you when you make a purchase they may steal your credit card details and use them to charge you without you even knowing so much that you can only realise it when you get notified by the bank of some transaction which you have done and mainly they charge you as some membership fee. The fake sites are commonly found on facebook and instagram and you should not be quick to trust ads from these platforms when the sites are not familiar with you because more than 90% of them always prove to be scam plans. Below are some scam signs these sites have.

Scam signs

First thing is the issue of age. Not all of them are going to be young sites but when the site is still young such as a few months old or 1 month or a few days old then you should not by from them at all. These are always the scammers and consider them too new to be trusted. You can look for the date of the creation of the site using whois.net. Also the sites that are hiding their contact details or that give you a fake phone number are scammers don’t buy from them. Make sure you also compare the prices of the items being sold and if they seem to be always below the real marker price then don’t trust them. You may also check the site’s details on whois.




These sites selling sheds are as at date of post the trending fake online stores that everyone is looking up on Google. I’m sure You can see that the prices are too fake and these sheds may cost around 400$ average and they are being sold for about 25% their real price and that is too good to be true. Beware of these $99 Shed scam sites that have been advertising lately. If you have been scammed by any of these make sure you leave a review and share your experiences here and also if you have a y questions.

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