3 red banners in Biden meaning : Meaning of 3 lines in Biden explained

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Lately there have been quite a lot.of people who have been talking about Joe Biden’s campaigning flag. The issue which first came into question on 2019 about the meaning of the 3 red lines is one of the trending issues on tweeter and other social media platforms whilst people have been sharing their views and what they have heard could be the meaning of these 3 lines which can be found at times on the E on Joe or on Biden. Below is a brief explanation of the meaning of these 3 lines and also what has been said by others regarding the meaning of the 3 banners or lines.


Meaning of the 3 lines

The flag was designed by a company called Mekanism which is located in San Francisco. According to Mekanism the logo has not been mentioned to be having anything to do with socialism but rather resembles the American flag and Obama’s flag which he used in his campaign a few years ago. On their website Makanism explained the design of the logo.

“By incorporating nods to the American flag, this logo is a representation of Biden’s investment in America. The 3 stripes represent the branches of government and the strength of unity with Biden.

“The logo also nods to the familiarity of the Obama ‘O’ where 3 stripes are seen.”


According to some sources the the red flags or 3 red banners is a slogan that was used to encourage people to build up socialism in China. A number of people believe this could be the meaning of the 3 red banners on Joe Biden’s flag. This could just be a coincidence but some people believe there is no coincidence. What do you think about the 3 lines on Joe Biden’s logo. If you have your own views please share your thoughts in the comments section .

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