What is Zotoday.com : Scam exposed

What is Zotoday.com

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of another online store Zotoday.com. The site has been advertising is a new site and has been getting people to have interest in their deals through some advertisements and a lot of people have questions on whether the is site really is a good online store or not. Well, if you have been planning on buying from them then you may want to know that you may be just about to lose more money than you were willing to pay and also won’t be getting anything because this site is a scam online store. If you have been scammed make sure you leave a review in the comments section and of you have such questions as what is Zotoday.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, genuine, a good or a bad site to buy from then this review may be of some help.


The trust about what is Zotoday.com

Zotoday.com is fake and also a new online store to buy from, too new actually. If you visit the site by typing in their url you may be disappointed to see that they have no products or link to their products on the site so I do not know how exactly people have come to the site and have even bought from them, I’m sure it was through some ad leading them to some page. There is absolutely many reasons not to buy from them and no reasons to buy from then because the prices will definitely be fake too.

There are many such sites that have been advertising on social media platforms to get access to a lot of people so they can get a lot of victims. These sites always come out to be scams and lots of people always come to report these sites. More than  90% of them are fake and if new dont even trust them. Below are some scam signs to help you with the answer to what is Zotoday.com.


Scam signs

Zotoday.com has already been reported for scam. Just like many other scam sites the site has been reported for over charging credit cards and also not sending people their items. So when you buy something for 10$ you may end up having your credit card charged more than 50 for things you never bought and without your consent, you may only realise it when you see your receipt or bank statements. The site was also created in July 2019 and is too new to be trusted. I’m quite sure the prices are lower than those from legit sites. The site has not provided a phone number like any other scam site and they have also not given any information about who they are on whois.





The site has already been  reported and just as suspected they are a scam. If you were thinking about buying from this site you definitely want to think again. Once they have scammed you, you wont hear from them again. You won’t receive anything from them and if you have been scammed or have more questions on what is Zotoday.com please leave a comment below. To see what other are saying about this site and onlinethreatsalert click here.

Good luck


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3 comments on “What is Zotoday.com : Scam exposed

    1. Eva

      I did the same thing a few days ago, i wondered why i got a “shipped” email but never any tracking number for the order. I haven’t noticed any usual charges on my bank statement but sure as hell out of the $12 “shipping” cost. I should’ve known it was a scam.


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