What is Retaileiq.com : Portable bubble massage spa set scam

What is retaileiq.com

Have you been thinking about getting some portable massage spa set from some site you have seen advertising on Facebook or maybe you have heard of this site from some else and was wondering whether or no they are a legit and honest site that you can buy from. Hello and welcome to this review of what is retaileiq.com and in this review we will be looking at this site to assess their legitimacy and help all those who may be having questions such as What is retaileiq.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, honest, genuine, good or a bad online store to buy from. Well as you shall see in this review this is just one to the sites that would spoil your day when you finally realise that you have been scammed so if you want to stay safe keep your money and credit card details to yourself.


The truth about what is Retaileiq.com

Retaileiq.com has been advertising their massage item for quite an affordable price and not many people might have had thought the site to be a scam. As long as you buy from the site then you definitely might have to stress on how to get your money back and how to get in contact with them.  If you have been scammed please take some time to share your experience with others or whatever experience you may have had with the site in the comments section.

Now they are lots of these scammers that are on facebook and using the same promotional strategies to get people to part with their money and to trust them. More than 90% of these sites are scam sites and also you will notice that they all have been created mostly in June and July and once they have scammed enough people or have some bad publicity they disappear. Below are some of the red flags that may help warn you against what is retaileiq.com.


Scam signs

First of all Retaileiq.com is just a site and no one knows a single thing about them. No one knows who owns the site , no one knows their contact details such as address and phone number and what I know from experience is that scam sites always hide this contact information because they are thieves. The site has not provided all this information at whois even though it is mandatory for them to do so since they have something to do with other people’s money. The site also was created on 16 July 2019 and that means they are too new to be trusted. The prices that are being charged at the site are obviously too low and not true at all.





Retaileiq.com is not a site you want to trust. They are just like any other of the many ads that you see in Facebook and Instagram. To avoid losing your money and mot receiving anything or receiving counterfeits items do not buy from them. For all those with more questions on what is retaileiq.com and have comments regarding the site please leave a review of them in the comments section.

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