What is it.butpour.com : Scam site

What is it.butpour.com

It.butpour.com is one site that has been getting a lot of attention lately on Facebook. The site has been advertising their so called electric car or whatever it is for a ridiculous low price. I may not know much about the product but I can tell of an unrealistic price and a scam plan when I see one and i can tell a legit site when I see it and it.butpour.com isn’t one legit site. If you have been planning on getting to run some errands on a small car with 2 main wheels which you will have had bought for 100 and something bucks then you may be disappointed. It.butpour.com is a fake site and if you buy from them you will get scammed as you shall see in  this review of what is it.butpour.com. so if you have such questions like what is it.butpour.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustwothy, good or bad online store then read this.


The trust about what is it.butpour.com

It.butpour.com is some new online scam site that has been using a very common scam strategy to get people’s attention. Too bad not everyone knows about this but do not trust these Facebook ads. The site has been advertising on Facebook and Instagram most probably. They don’t really have any intention of sending you some thousand dollar item for 100 bucks but want to lure you into their trap so they can easily get you to send them money or send them your credit card details.

These fake online stores have been  around for a long time now and they all come claiming to be selling some good item for a cheap price or to be giving away it zero price.  They all have the same scam signs and same intentions and many of these sites like it.butpour.com are owned by the very same scammers. To help you really see what is it.butpour.com below are some scam signs to help you out.


Scam signs

First of all is that the site is giving fake information. Of course we don’t expect scammers to be open and they always try to hide their contact details so that people can’t track them. Well, it.butpour.com does have some phone number to call but this is only for display because the phone number never goes though it doesn’t exist. The site is also too new to be trusted and is a subsidiary obviously if butpour.com which was created in June 2019 and making the site it.butpour.com younger than that. The major site also does not have any contact details or any details about themself on whois. The price is also too good to be true and just about 10% of what the item costs on legit sites.





I know we all want some cheap item and maybe you had planned on buying in bulk or buying for someone else. Well, it is what it is the site is a scam and of you buy from them you won’t receive your order or may receive some counterfeit. If you have been scammed or have had some experience please leave a comment in the comment section to help others answer what is it.butpour.com.

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